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Upgrading WES report .Do I need to resubmit all docs again


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Jul 10, 2020
I have checked with WES customer care, They are saying to upgrade from doc by doc to course by course, you do not require to resend all your documents. Just fill in the contact us form and mention old and new reference number and tell them that you already have my docs sent directly by university.

I have done the same, lets see what happens.

Taran D

Oct 1, 2020
Hi, In WES account, there is a tab for upgrade report.
Hi ,
Im in unique problem here.not only it has caused me double fee to WES but also lots of time.I sent my docs to WES for evaluation.I have done 3 masters degree in Pakistan.WES somehow finalized my report without waiting for MBA which was my last Masters.Now they have asked me to upgrade my report if I want MBA to be added.I went online to upgrade report.Now here is the thing it says
high school documents :necessary for all assessments
I dont know if it means
B) it means that i need to resend my intermediate record for upgrade report also? .

It took me an year to get all my docs verified from Pakistan .now I cant start this process again.I really hope there is a fault in my understanding and this time i need to send only MBA degree and transcript for assessment .its an upgrade of report right ?.I have also sent email to WES but im only reply waiting list.Plz clear my doubts ,any one.I would be truly grateful.
Hi, if you look up on the page again it says to send the highest earned education so far. As far as i had heard WES will ask for your last credentials and then you had to send them. I got mine today by just sending my highest credential so far.

I hope this is helpful.