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Upfront Medical exam

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Mari Maria, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Is it possible to do 2 upfront medical test to 2 panel physicians?
    Had an upfront medical test to iom and said i had something on my lungs, requiring sputum test. I had xray in our province days before this test and its clear so im wondering why the iom xray result says otherwise?
    Planning to take another upfront med test to slec. It might have a better result.If so, Then i will submit my study visa application to cic online.
  2. Anyone who can advise me on this?
    Would appreciate a lot.thanks
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    When did you have your upfront with IOM? They will forward that initial report to RMO about two weeks after.
  4. Just had test 2 days ago, but i havent submitted my application at cic yet.
    Im planning to modify my ans with regards to having been into m
  5. ...planning to modify my med test upfront to No then wait for further instruction for a medical test and ill go to other panel physician. Is that possible?
  6. I guess you submitted documents identifying you while getting the medical at IOM. Why bother going this way? It may simply delay your file later. Simply take the sputum test. After all, sputum test is the confirmatory test for TB. If you are sure you don't have a TB, the results will come negative. Problem solved. If you do have TB (asymptomatic kind), the test will come positive. But, it will come positive in the future too (unless you go under treatment). Regarding the difference between the two lab results, I think IOM has reliable equipments so their result should be valid. But, X-ray itself is not confirmatory so the final results may still be negative TB observation.
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  7. Don’t modify your answer to no. Even if you go to SLEC, RMO will still receive your report from IOM. You will have a problem later on for lying. I did my upfront at IOM last June 29. I have to be reffered to a cardio for hypertension. Yesterday, I received an email from RMO stating I have pending medical information. I ask IOM and they said that its about my cardio report. And I have not yet started my visa application. @mmclub is right, the sputum test is just a confirmatory test. Nothing to worry about if you’re clear. If not, at least you know so that you can have the necessary medication.
  8. So i guess i just have to notify the school of the delays. I hope they would consider me still.
    By the way, are you currently a student in Ca? What school? What course?and how much is the tuition fee?
  9. So i guess i just have to notify the school of the delays. I hope they would consider me still.
    By the way, are you currently a student in Ca? What school? What course?and how much is the tuition fee?
  10. Most likely they will consider you for the next intake. I applied for Sept 2018 intake at Durham College last Sept 2017. Did my IELTS last November. Got my LOA last May. I asked for deferment to the next intake because I want to be sure I have enough time to process. They moved me to the January 2019 intake. Planning to take up a 2yr Diploma program with a bridge to a Bachelors degree at UOIT (conditionally accepted subject to successfull completion of the Diploma program at DC). Tuition is CA$15K/year.

    How about you?
  11. Ill be taking up 1 year diploma on Office Admin at academy of learning in Alberta. The fee is so high 25k. I have my loa already. I thought the 5weeks timeline is possible, i did not consider setbacks from medicals.I was so positive on meeting the 5 weeks processing.
    My tuition is so high, i guess thats how it is in Alberta.. Any idea on other school with lower fee in Alberta? My younger sis is there but she has no time to look around for me.
  12. Tuition is too high... Is this a public college? According to https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/study-canada/study-permit/prepare/designated-learning-institutions-list.html, this institution is not qualified for PGWP.

    You can search for other institutions in Alberta here: http://study.alberta.ca/plan-your-studies/tuition-fees/tuition/

    If you plan to work after your program, make sure that your institution is listed in the first link I provided as offering programs that qualifies for PGWP. Unless you’re already a PR, you can’t extend your stay after your program if you do not have PGWP. You might want to consider a 2-year program so that you can qualify for up to 3yrs of PGWP, otherwise, you will only be granted up to the amount of time for your studies (ex. 1yr study = 1yr PGWP)

    Best wishes to you!
  13. Ok thank you for the advice.. Glad i joined this forum. Hope to meet you soon in Canada. God bless to both of us
  14. anytime, kabayan :)

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