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Updating address for PR card when landing first time

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Sears123, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Hello Guys!
    Question : I landed today and the officer asked where i would be staying and i said i booked an airbnb for 3 weeks since this is just my soft landing , so he told me to apply for a PR card when i have a permanent address for mailing . I mentioned he can take my cousin's address or a friends permanent address but he refused . Instead , he mentioned to apply for PRTD when i come next . Should i still go ahead and update my cousin's address online while i am still here for the PR card to be mailed ? I plan on moving to canada 12-18 months later and i have seen online that we should update the address within 6 months of landing , is this a rule ?
    If i update the address while i am here , do CIC cross check at the time of receiving the PR card if suppose my cousin receives it on my behalf while i am Out of country ?
    He said he will mention a note about my soft landing so i am not sure if it will okay to update the address online.
    Please advise !
  2. Without your PR Card how would you even arrive in Canada?
  3. What do you mean ? I landed with the help of COPR . I just need to provide an addresss to receive the Pr card
  4. I misread your original post. But from what I read, you can't fly to Canada w/o a PR Card.

    This is the real question.
  5. Finally , i called and updated the address . I hope to get my card within 2 months .
  6. when you enter canada next time, youll be needing your PR card

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