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University of Regina - Winter 2017 applicants

Discussion in 'International Students' started by sparta909, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. I have also applied for the same programme.....
    when did you applied??
  2. 20 January 2018
  3. University of Regina
    I have also applied Master of computer science for sep 2018 intake
    Application status : complete. Ready for review
    Waiting for next dept intake

    Applied on December 20th2017

    Awaiting for the response

    Already got offer in Humber college for information technology solutions
  4. My application is also showing "Hold File for Next Dept Intake"
    I have applied for FALL 2018 (ESE)

    Anyone know what does this status mean??
  5. It means the review of application is not started for fall 2018
    until then your application is on hold
  6. Got admit
    ISE- masc thesis
    May 2018 intake
    Please give me your contact no. @Ramsay123
    Or DM me on 7405588676
  7. Hey Bro,

    I also applied in U of R for Fall 2018
    Application Data:-
    Admission Term: 2018 Fall
    Admission Type: Non-Cdn Post-Secondary Inst.
    Application Status: Incomplete; Items outstanding
    Decision: Pending Dept/Faculty Selection
    Current Program:Master of Science
    Level: Graduate
    Program: MSc Computer Science Course
    Catalog Term: 2018 Fall
    College: Graduate Studies & Research
    Campus: U of R
    Major and Department: Computer Science, Computer Science
    Date Created: Feb 21, 2018

    My Profile is,

    10th = 90%
    12th = 70%
    BE(Till 7th sem) CGPA = 7.99
    IELTS = 7(L-6.5, R-7.5, W-7, S-6.5)


    I also applied in Fanshawe and Cambrian Collage and in Carleton University for Fall and in Windsor University for 2019 January Intake in MAC program.

    Please share your profile and mail id so we can get in touch if any update received.

    Contact: savajapurva@gmail.com
  8. what was your profile??
  9. 10th- 87%
    12th- 84%
    Be mech - 7.4 cgpa
    1 major project
    2 internship
  10. hi guys!

    I applied for fall 2018 masters in computer science (coursework).
    My status is: complete;Ready for review
    My decision code is still: pending Dept/faculty selection

    when can i expect the final decision , because the above status and decision code are updated on march 16. now its may 8th still in review......
  11. I too applied March 30th but still waiting decision code is pending faculty/dept review
  12. Hi guys has anyone applied for MSc in gerontology at the University of Regina Fall 2018 intake? Are you still waiting for decision?

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