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Universities Still Open for Jan Intake 2013 ?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by MrKhan80, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Hello Friends ,

    I need to know the Universities who Still open for international Students for Jan 2013 intake Kindly Provide me list I will be Really Thankfull to you Friends.


  2. unless ur a canadian or US citizen deadlines for international students most of the good universities has passed...i cannot say for all the universities but ur chances of finding a good university r low. I suggest try for May 2013 u may have better choice of universities.
  3. check university of british columbia. 15th sept is last date for meng in ECE. check for ur prog as different programs have diff deadlines
  4. han?? ru sure?ur talking about undergrad or grad? i think june 1st was deadline for jan 2013...am i look at the wrong info?
  5. Thanks Mead,

    Thanks Brother for your kind Advice if still can provide me list of Universities or any link where i can find by self for Jan or May 2013 I will Really thankfull to you .

  6. I am Looking for Masters Program
  7. depending on ur back ground search in google for universities ...e.g. if ur a B.E computer science then search for canadian universities with computer science programs. You will get a list and then go to individual website of universities and read about their programs admission, requirements ,deadlines , fees etc and short list a few universities....also search on this forum for more info
  8. Can you please tell me total fees Msc or MENG IN British columbia for Jan 2013 intake



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