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Unable to validate eIMM 5669 without 'Given Name'


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Sep 21, 2018
Background info: In my culture, it is common to not have any family name/surname/last name. Many people have only given name in their passports, while the 'family name' is blank.

I'm trying to fill out eIMM 5669; my spouse and her parents have no family name in their passports; according to IRCC, if there's no family name, enter full name in the 'family name' field and leave the 'given name' field blank. I'm able to validate all other forms in the family sponsorship package except eIMM 5669 where it says "given name is required" or something like that. Plus I've learned from another thread that if you enter "N/A" in the 'given name' section, it won't validate. Please help.