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UK Certificate Equivalent to a Canadian High school completion


Nov 11, 2019
Good Day,

My goal is to have a Certificate/Degree which is equivalent to a Canadian High School Diploma so i could apply for an ECA Report

Currently i have an IGCSE Business Studies Certificate.
and I plan to get the following,
- IGCSE or A level Psychology, if A level Psychology, i will learn the field of, consumer behavior, Psychology and organisations.
- IGCSE or A level English as a second language

On WES Canada it states that, "a minimum of 3 passes are required", so i could apply for Credential Evaluation Services (ECA) Report

but it does not specify if those 3 passes are IGCSE's, AS Level's, or A Levels?

please any assistance provided in this regard would be much appreciated, i would like to know shortest route, if i should learn 2 more IGCSE's and have 3 IGSCE's, or 2 A levels and have 2 A levels with 1 IGCSE, and what about 2 AS Levels with 1 IGCSE, if it would be viable for WES

Thank You for your time and consideration