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Trying to understand reasons of Visitor Visa rejection

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by MaxWaffles, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Hi,
    Me and my sister live in Canada, we are both PRs.

    My other sister and her daughter tried to apply for a visitor visa (from Pakistan) to visit us in Canada, which got rejected. We are trying to understand exactly why, and how they can improve the application.

    My sister in Canada was pregnant and that's why my other sister from Pakistan was coming with her daughter, to assist with the new baby. We mentioned this in the invitation letter and also attached a note from her doctor about expected date of delivery.
    But when she applied, the visa was rejected and the reasons mentioned in the rejection letter were:

    You have not satisfied me that you would leave Canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident. In reaching this decision, I considered several factors, including:
    Purpose of Visit, Current Employment Situation, Personal Assets and financial status

    If someone can help us in understanding the exact reasons of the rejection and which documents etc. might be useful to clarify to the visa officer and remove any of their doubts that they will in fact leave Canada at the end of their stay.

    Considering the above points of rejection, below are the documents submitted for those points.

    Purpose of Visit:
    - They submitted a "Purpose of Travel" document which mentioned that my sister is coming to Canada to see the new baby and help with that. Attached a travel itinerary which broke down the two week visit, what they will do, where they will go for sightseeing etc. and where they will stay (with her siblings in Canada). They also mentioned that her husband and son are not accompanying them, as her son has his school exams at the time of the visit.
    - We (her siblings in Canada) also wrote a letter of invitation for her, where we mentioned that we are inviting her to visit us and also assist with the family responsibilities and taking care of new born. We mentioned that they will stay with us and we will also take care of their expenses. Also attached our pr card copies, t4 tax documents, pay cheques and doctor's note which mentions expected date of delivery.
    - Proof of relationship document also attached, which proves that we are her siblings, also proof of her relationship with her daughter and husband.

    I was puzzled by this point of rejection, was visiting her family not a good enough purpose of visit? Or was it the fact that we explicitly mentioned that she will assist us with the new born baby, and they didn't like that?

    Current Employment Situation:
    - Business Registration document, my sister owns (sole owner) and runs a franchise of a secondary school. As part of this document, we attached letter of franchise, letter of affiliation with school board, tax payer registration certificate, franchise agreement.

    Again this is a little puzzling as she owns and runs a school, not sure how could they object on something like this.

    Personal Assets and financial status:
    - We attached the document of Proof of means of financial support. As part of this document, we attached bank statements of her personal account, her business account (on her business's name), tax payer certificate of her business, letter of franchise, property document of a plot of land that she owns and its value.

    Going by the general rule of 1000 CAD per person per week plus airfare etc., at the time of statement, her personal bank account had enough balance for the two week trip plus airfare. But this balance wasn't sustained, and the statement of last four months showed that the balance went up and down. So that is something that could explain this objection, as there wasn't sustained balance more than the minimum of 4000 CAD plus airfare throughout the 4 months of bank statement. Her business account also had some money, but I'm guessing they don't really consider that money as part of personal finances available for the trip?

    If someone can please assist us in determining what went wrong and how we might be able to improve our application.

  2. This is one of the key reasons why your sister was refused.

    If this is your first child, it is highly unlikely your sister will return to Pakistan in just two weeks. Based on the documents she submitted, it is assumed she will stay for several weeks/a few months at the minimum.

    *Assisting with the new baby* is illegal work.

    Here's another reason for the refusal. Her son is not a compelling tie to return to at the moment. If your sister is willing to visit when her son has exams then either the exams are not critical or else your sister has little contribution towards preparing her son for those exams.

    How old is her son? I'm guessing he is quite young.

    Unfortunately, you and your sister have repeatedly stated the purpose of her visit as activities which are considered as illegal work.

    Probably because she has other employees who can manage the day-to-day operations of the school in her absence.

    She does not have the finances for her visit. Indirectly, this also implies that her financial situation is not good.... which again further implies that her employment/school franchise is not lucrative/financial incentive for her to return at the end of a short visit
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