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TRV Rejected Now want to apply for Super Visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by zeeshan_005, Aug 6, 2018.

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    Hello Everyone,

    Last year I applied TRV (Not Online) from Riyadh Saudi Arabia, for my Parents and myself and it was rejected. Below is the reason given for TRV rejection:

    You have not satisfied me that you would leave Canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident. In reaching this decision, I considered several factors, including:
    Travel History - Provided 10 years of travel History ( Pakistan ( almost every year), Bahrain twice and dubai once)
    Employment prospects in country of residence - ( I don't know what does that means) but My dad is working in a well reputed company as accountant since almost 15+ years.
    Current employment situation - He have a valid job ( provided employment letter from the company attested by chamber)
    Personal assets and financial status - ( provided bank statement for last 6 month which includes Payroll every month)

    We have provided the required documents and the following documents for TRV:
    invitation Letter - From my elder brother who is a PR in Canada
    PR cards - Elder brother and his family members
    Duration of visit : 2 weeks
    Now I want to Apply for a SuperVisa for my parents Only (online) from Saudi Arabia, I need Advice.

    We have the following documents for supervisa: (required documents other than the below):
    Invitation letter - from my elder brother
    Marriage License/Certificate
    Digital photo
    Medical Insurance Coverage - for one year
    Most recent NOA
    Purpose of Travel - Other (return flight booking)
    Family Information
    Proof of Relationship

    Employment letter stating salary, date of joining, EOS benefits.
    Bank statements - ( in Saudi Arabia and home country)
    assets in home country
    Visit duration: 4 weeks

    Kindly advise if the above documents are enough to apply for SuperVisa and any additional advice that will help.
  2. Did you include the return tickets?
  3. No, I didn't include return tickets in TRV.
  4. Don't buy any tickets. It is actually discouraged by CIC. I am confused, you also applied for a TRV. Do your parents have children living in Canada? That is needed for a supervisa and it can only be the parents.
  5. I'm only making a booking not buying for Supervisa as it is a requirement.
    I applied last year for a TRV cuz we didn't have NOA but it was rejected due to the reason giving above.
    Yes, my elder brother is a PR holder, living in Canada and this time i'm only applying for my Parents.
  6. Booking any tickets are never required before getting any type of visa. CIC knows many people get rejected. An itinerary based on travel website is fine.
  7. I think that is the same as itinerary based on travel website? cuz i'm not paying anything for the booking. however i can purchase the same booking if my parents gets the superVisa.
  8. Dears

    below is my timeline for Super visa from Saudi Arabia. btw the estimated time was 53 days but i'm surprised they approved the application in 15 days.

    I Applied online on 14th of August
    Passport request on 29th of August
    got the visa stamped on 4th September
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  9. What was the timeline for their medicals?
  10. they didn't ask us to do medical.
  11. Are you sure they received a super visa and not a regular TRV?
  12. I thought as much. It seems your parents were granted TRVs/regular visitor visas and not super visas
  13. How do I check that?

    well the visa is valid till the passport expiry. how do I check if it super visa or TRV?
  14. If it's a super visa, the visa counterfoil stamped in the passport will have PG-1
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  15. no it is V-1 visitor and multiple but why? they didnt gave super visa?

    what is the difference?

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