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Trv processing exceeded

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Chidarlyn, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. I applied for a Canadian visitors visa with my husband (paper based) in Nigeria since 19th of july.@bryanna please I need your advice on what to do.I have sent an email,only got an automated reply saying my mail has been received and will be replied with 2weeks but after months no reply from them
    Should I withdraw d application?
  2. Try linking your paper application to your online account. Do see the background checks status after you link it
  3. Hi Bryanna,thanks for replying.I have tried doing that but it's not working(couldn't link it)
  4. You must link it exactly like your application form, including the spellings and spaces
  5. Okay will try again, thanks
  6. Hi @Bryanna please I need your advice,my visitors visa have exceeded 6months,have tried linking but not going through.I want to apply for a study visa now at Brandon University.Is it possible for me to do so while I haven't received a decision yet on my visitors application?
  7. Yes, you can apply for a study permit.

    You could first email the Lagos visa office to ask about the status of your TRV application
  8. @Bryanna please I need your advice,I applied for Canadian visit visa with my husband on July 2018,however I requested for a passport withdrawal without cancelling my application.I used a passport withdrawal sample letter I saw on this forum in writing mine.I got a text this morning saying I should come pick up my passport at VFS Abuja.When I called customer care to ask about my husband's application,the said his own is still been processed and mine was cancelled since i requested for a passport withdrawal.Now am sad and confused coz my bank called last week asking if I submitted my bank statement at the Canadian embassy.My question is why cancel my application when I only asked for my passport to be returned since I have urgent travel to the UK?why cancel the application and still call my bank to verify bank statement?Pls @Bryanna,what's your take on this issue?
  9. @Bryanna,the VFS agent I spoke to said withdrawal of passport means cancellation of application.Is that true?
  10. No, that is not true if you have specifically informed the Lagos visa office that you will re-submit your passport whenever requested to make a decision.

    Hope you mentioned in the email/letter that you require your passport for urgent travel to the UK + you clearly stated that you are not cancelling your application.

    I suggest you email the Lagos visa office to reconfirm that your application is being processed + you could include a copy of your plane tickets to the UK.

    It seems a bit off topic:
    1. Why did you bank call you to ask if you had submitted the bank statement?
    2. Did the visa office contact the bank?
  11. Yes dear,I think the visa office contacted the bank maybe the were trying to know if I was the one who actually submitted the statement.Cant say for sure but I will be going to the visa office on Monday to pick up my passport and no exactly what decisions the took.Thanks alot dear,will keep you posted on the outcome
  12. Whats out come of passport collection?
  13. Hello @Bryanna thanks for your advice.I emailed the embassy processing my passport about the issue I discussed with you and this was there reply.Does it mean it's still under processing and not cancelled?am quite confused by dia response

    Good day,

    Thanks for your correspondence.

    Please be informed that your application is under active review.

    We will contact you as soon as more information or documents are required.

    We trust that this information suffices.


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