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TRV Pakistan June 2018

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Cdnpk2018, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone

    My husband and I are applying for my two single sister in laws visit visa.

    - Ages 31 and 28 years old.
    - Both have full time jobs past 4 years
    - Both have travel history for middle east 3 times for which they requires visa and only stayed 2 weeks, and 3 weeks maximum one time
    - we are having a baby so I'll attach doctors letters too
    - separate bank accounts with $8000 each
    - their job letters, bank and some investment in stocks letters
    - tentative tickets
    - our invitation letter, bank statements, noa, mp letters

    Well say they r coming for 2 weeks as they have full time jobs they have to go back to work

    They have both been refused before 3 years ago, they didnt have a travel history nor promising job experience or separate bank accounts but now they do.

    They live with my father n mother in law hence ties back home.

    Please guide how to make a stronger case or any suggestions. Thanks.

    1. Is it better to apply online or by paper via vfs in Karachi office.
    2. Should me and my husband write 2 different invitation letters or just one?

    As I'll be attaching my own bank statement n his as well. separately 2 diff accounts
  2. 1. What documents will they submit for their employment?
    2. Do they have unique work responsibilities i.e. work that no other co-worker can do?

    These countries are not considered as visa-required. Travel to the US, UK, Schengen, Australia, NZ, Japan, etc are considered as travel history.

    A big NO to this idea. Absolutely no mention about the baby in the invitation letter + no doctors letter/similar documents. It would incorrectly seem like your sisters-in-law are visiting to take care of you/your baby = Working illegally as visitors

    Hopefully, nothing borrowed from anyone + the bank balance is in-line with their income and tax assessment

    Letters from the MP won't help.

    What were the refusal reasons?

    Their parents will be family ties to return to only if the parents are dependent on your sisters-in-law financially or for their well-being. Is this the case + if yes, what documents will they include?

    Online is a better option for Pakistan applications because VFS Pakistan does not accept most documents that prove an applicant's strong ties.

    One invitation letter

    1. Do they own property or land (legally in their individual names)?
    2. What is the purpose of their visit?
    3. Are they engaged to be married?
    4. Do they volunteer in a charity organization or for any social causes?
    5. Are they enrolled/students of a study program (not online)?
  3. no
  4. @Bryanna

    I replied with answers to ur questions
  5. I agree with @Bryanna if your answer is NO so better don't apply because of their ages and marital status plus travelling history and financial as well Canada checks everything like they check travel history which they count only UK, USA or Aus like bryanna Said plus they need good bank statement with Income tax return and property etc for surety that they have something to come back Middle east travelling is not countable it is just a prof that they visit abroad nothing else ..

    Better make case stronger in all aspects like visits of Europe Uk usa etc and then think about it either they will provide same reasons which they gave you 3 years ago btw what was the reasons of previous refusals?
  6. Sorry but my answers are above in the highlighted area they arent separated I dont know why

    And I mentioned above the reasons for refusal 3 years ago
  7. better build up their travel history before apply and financial with tax returns they might need to visit UK USA atlest before apply either chances are less as per the current experience of reading this forum since past year Good Luck
  8. O ok thanks

    Travel history true they can improve

    But their finances shows their money n their investments in stocks so total of 8000 cdn

    For 2 weeks only

    N their job letters say they r going for 2 weeks only plus past 4 years they got promotion letters appreciation awards etc.
  9. It would be better if they travel first to the UK/Schengen countries.

    This amount is low, especially if it includes stocks. Liquid finances must be around CAD 8-10,000 + financial investments to indicate a good financial situation.

    The visa officer will consider their income through salaries. Hopefully, their income is high.

    It does not matter how long they will visit. Most applicants state a short visit but in reality stay for much longer.

    They don't have any immovable assets (property or land ownership) + no dependent family ties to return to + no travel history.

    I recommend:
    1. Applying for only one sister-in-law (the one that has earns better than the other) , or

    2. Your in-laws must reapply for new TRVs by indicating your sisters-in-law as the family ties to return home to
  10. Very Wise Advice

  11. Thanks Bryanna

    My father n mother in law will reapply mentioning their daughters as their family ties etc.

    But also One sister with the better job will apply for trv separately

    My question is in her letter of purpose of visit should she mention the refusals reasons and how she has now tried to improve her case after 3 years and now applying

    She has a more secure job
    Better bank saving as well as investment
    Also a shorter visit
    Etc. And that she no longer depends on her parents she is independent

    Before had no travel experience at all nor a 4 years job experience neither her own bank account or any saving in her name
  12. if she thinks her refusal reasons are fixed so no need to mention or justification of it what they want a proper application with efficient documents and your covering letter play a key role as much and easier the documents chances will be higher accordingly Good luck
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    She must include evidence to show her parents are dependent on her financially or for their well-being (if that's the case).

    Also, apply for the sister-in-law first.... wait for the decision.,,, and then apply for your in-laws. IMO, she has only a 50:50 chance of an approval. So, do prepare her paperwork well.

    She must declare her previous TRV refusal (and visa refusals for any other country if she was refused) in the TRV application form
  14. Thanks guys

    Last time she applied it was refused as she was dependent on parents

    But this time not dependent on them...but again that is something vo will decide

    Yes first shell apply then after a few weeks parents will apply

    Yes she will declare her previous trv refusal but im a afraid she does no longer have her refusal paper

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