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TRV From Inside Canada

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by moiz_a52, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I already have an 'Open Post Graduate Work Permit'. I have applied for Temporary Residence Visitor Visa (From Inside Canada) on October 03rd, 2018. It was an online application. Now, the CIC website shows that the processing time is 5 days and they are currently working on applications received on October 15th,2018. It has been almost 40 days so far I have no update, no passport request, no approval nothing. Does anyone has experience or knows what can be the reason for this delay? This is really worrying me each and everyday.
  2. Hi,
    If you didn't hear anything yet try contacting cic through web form. They will definately repond otherwise call them i know its a long wait but atleast you will come to know something about your application. Sometimes delays are caused by when there is anything wrong in application like mine form was incorrect so when i reached them through web form then i came to know about it. So, i will recommend you the same thing. I hope you get to hear something soon.
  3. Hi Mrs.Majid,
    Thanks for you response. I had already contacted them through Web Form in end of October '18 but I didn't received any response till yet. I also tried emailing on the questions canada email id for this concern for which I got a reply that they are still reviewing and it was also written in the email that if I don't get response till Nov 30 then contact them again through web form. Last week I saw my application after logging into my account and I am worrying now as I don't see the 'Withdraw' application button, before I was able to see it.
  4. Moiz,
    Any update to your application?
    I am on PGWP. Applied TRV (form 5257) on Oct 29. Still waiting.
  5. Hi Umer,

    No update till yet.

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