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TRV from India

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by M.Deep, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. I’m planning to apply for a TRV for my wife, my 1 year old son and myself. I’m planning to visit my sister who lives in BC with her husband and kids for two weeks. My parents both are in Canada on a super visa basis for the last two years residing with my sister. My sister and brother in law will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in a banquet hall and have sent us an invitation letter, hall confirmation and booking details, NOAs and MP LETTER. I have a shop in India, my account has about 7 lacs in it, I have my home which is under my parents name but shops are mine. I’m planning to include:
    Bank statements of my own with approx 7 lacs.
    Financial from my shops prepared by CA
    My insurance policies
    Marriage certificate
    Birth certificate for my child
    House Valuation
    Shop receipt copies supporting my income
    Proof of rent payment from shop landloard

    Has anyone ever applied with their family for an occasion like this or a similar situation? And what can I do to make my file stronger and any other pointers? Will my file be eligible for approval in anyone’s opinion.
  2. Don't bother with the MP letter - it has no value. Also no point including the house valuation since the property is not in your name.

    How long is your trip? Does your wife work for an employer? Have you previously visited countries requiring visas such as the US or UK?
  3. 1. Do you file taxes for your personal income and your business income?

    2. Is your business registered i.e. Shop Act license, GST, Professional Tax, etc? Business bank account?

    3. Do you have employees? Business partners? Customer list that can be verified?

    4. Financial documents prepared by the CA will not work unless supported by actual evidence.

    5. With your entire family in Canada, you really need to work hard to prepare strong applications to overcome the 'Family ties to Canada' reason
  4. Hi Bryanna,

    1.) yes I do file my business and personal income tax returns

    2.) yes my business is registered and I do taxes and GST as well as just opened a business bank account

    3.) I have employees and vendors, not a fixed customer list

    4.) what type of evidence will I need to support with my financial documents
  5. Scylla,

    My wife does not work and my trip will be for two weeks. And none of us have ever visited any visa requiring countries. I studied in Singapore for 2 years
  6. Hello bryana and Scylla, any response for my answers above. And what do you advise?

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