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TRV application 32 days passed and yet no update.

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by poojaputhran, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Hello,
    I applied on paper for TRV on Aug 7th 2018 from Mumbai VFS office when processing time was 30 days, it's been 32 days now and their processing time keeps increasing every week. My travel date is on 17 Sept, 2018, it's a helpless situation. VFS office suggested to do nothing but wait. Sent email to High commission delhi where my visa is under process, but no response. Is there anyway to check or get an update on the same. Please advice. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I applied on Aug 7th 2018 through online. My travel date is 29th September 2018. The current processing time is 41 days. Once the visa is approved, it takes a minm of 10 days for stamping. I am not sure if we have that time. Please let me know if you get any update.
  3. 10 days more for stamping, that means 51 days in all?
  4. I am not very sure about that. But, I think we cannot raise IRCC request before the processing time (41 days currently).
  5. I have my tickets booked next Monday, looks like I will have to cancel all bookings. Also, when I had applied for the visa, the processing time was 30 days.
  6. Y
    You can check your application status online by linking your offline application. I hope you get the visa soon. Please let me know once get any update. It would be very helpful.
  7. I have tried linking my paper application to the online account, it says no records found. Its a very complicated situation. I hope even you get your visa soon. Will keep you posted Thanks.
  8. Same
    Situation... But bro why the rush,? some of us here applied in July and has still not got update...
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  9. Hi, I got visa approved. I need to submit my passport for stamping. Hope you get soon.
  10. Hey that's great, congratulations.
  11. Congrats... may i know more details about your timelines... also do you have any previous travel history to CAN or US...
  12. wow.. Congrats.. Seems ur processing was fast.. Some applied im June and July yet no update till now.. Congrats once again..
  13. thank you!!
    I applied on Aug 7th 2018 online. I got passport request on September 12 2018. The purpose of my visit is to attend a conference
    May be that could be why the processong time is faster. Also, if we including the stamping time it could be around 41 days. This will be my first travel abroad.
  14. Conference doesn't really matters to them neither your traveling dates, sometimes I see this processing thin as God's luck tho.. Which country did you apply?? Bcux most at times if the application there isn't many they can process it as soon as earliest...
  15. I applied from India.

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