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Travelling after the dates mentioned in visa form has passed

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Gurkiratsingh9, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Hi dear friends,
    I have a canadian 10 year multiple visitor(tourist) visa . In the visa form i have mentioned dates of travelling to canada as last week of July. But due to my health issues i will not be able to visit canada in July. So, can travel in September instead of July. Is it compulsary to visit on the dates mentioned in the visa form application. Kindly help me regarding this .
    Thank you in advance
  2. Hi

    You can travel whenever you want.
  3. Canuck_in_UK Thanks for replying .
    So when I will land in canada. The immigration officers won't have any problem with this ? Can they make an issue out of this matter that while applying for tourist visa , in the visa application form I have mentioned the dates of travel to canada as July 2018 and then why am I visiting in september . Can this create problem or its fine? By the way I applied for canadian visitor visa for tourism and pleasure and mentioned stay of 2 weeks in July in the application form. But due to some health issues i want to delay this trip
  4. No issues at all.
  5. Thank you dear canuck_in_UK and bellaluna
  6. And how much funds should I carry with myself when I will visit canada as a tourist for 2 weeks? Should I make a confirmed paid hotel booking (is it necessary) or I should just book a hotel room with pay at hotel facility.
  7. Yes you are good to go with pay at hotel but shud have confirmation
  8. i heard from some one that they will creat problems in immigration. you need to give proper reasons for the same.
    also you may carry any sought of proof if you have it.

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