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Traveling from Iran

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by KOI, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Hello!
    My friend applird in VFSGlobal from Georgia on Sep.4 and did the biometrics on the same day.

    The day after she got a tracking number from them and to this day (now 90 days!) it says no record found. We tried to call VFS and they made an excuse saying "if you apply in person there isn't online tracking" even though one of my other friends went through the same process and did have online tracking.

    We emailed VFS to inquire last week Wednesday and now four business days later there is still no response.

    Has anyone dealt with VFS before? What is their process? The CIC website says iranian visitor visas are processed in 30 days, and Georgia is 45 days. It's now 3x or 2x the processing time with no status. We hoped she could be here for the holidays with the rest of us :(

  2. Your friend can try linking her paper application to her online account for processing updates. The VFS site will not show any updates.

    VFS has no information about the processing status of applications.

    Processing times published on the IRCC website are only estimates. Actual processing time will depend on the specifics of the application
  3. Do you know where we link it? When we tried on thr canada website it said no records found. But we may have tried in the wrong area?

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