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Travel and Address History in PR Card Renewal Application form (IMM5444)


Apr 13, 2020

I have some inquiries regarding the PR Card Renewal Application form (IMM5444)

First: Regarding the travel history question (question 21) where I need to indicate all absences from Canada:
  • I landed in Canada in June 2015. I had to return to my country of citizenship (Jordan) a few months after I landed in Canada for family and work reasons and I spent the first two years after I became a Canadian PR in Jordan. During these two years, I had to go on short work trips to other countries from Jordan. So my question is do I have to indicate each of these individual trips on question 21, or since I was departing from and returning to Jordan, I should only aggregate the full stay away from Canada during this time and indicate that my location during this period of absence was Jordan?
  • Can I indicate the reason for my absence as "family reasons" or I have to elaborate and give more details?

Second: Regarding question 19 where I need to indicate my address history inside and outside Canada
  • During the first two years when I was in Jordan, I visited Canada once and stayed in my cousin's house for two weeks. Do I have to indicate this two week's period as one of the addresses listed in this question? If yes, would it be ok if this is not my permanent address that was listed on the driver's license at that time, so would this be a problem?
  • Should the from and to dates in this question be associated with the date of the address change in service Ontario or the date I actually occupied the house?

Please Help
Thank you!