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Transportation business

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Neel3974, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. I am from India. I wish to start goods transport business in Canada. So plz advice how much investment and witch city is suitable & what is the Minimum investment required. Thanks.
  2. Where are you from in India. I am also from India. Transport business takes a lot of money, even in india too. but there is a chance if you go rural areas of bc
  3. Starting a transport business in Canada is easy and you may start with CD$ 50K even but is advised to start with CD$150K. NOw comes the most crucial part. If you hire drivers for your fleet then you have to pay according to pay chart/system of canada and after meeting all expenses, tax parts a little is left as profits initially cpl of years. MY friend is settled in Toronto since 2000 and is running a transport business. I talked with him recently and now he is planning to move to USA for better returns. His words cleared my doubts about transport business in Canada and results in low returns (Approx. 8%--10% only)

    I am also planning to migrate to canada and wish to acquire a running business with good expanssion/growth potential and making a group of like minded ppl to form a consortium which will enable us to explore together and acquire a business of big/large scale together.

    I invite you to join/share your whatsapp/calling numbers. Lets share our knowledge, information and update each other about latest developments.
  5. Hello ! Thank you for advice..are you living in Canada ? Send me your mail id or Whatapp Number there i will contact there . Thanks

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