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Transit visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by M.GAD, May 15, 2018.

  1. I sent a post yesterday but I didn’t get a reply
    Iam traveling from Kentucky to Turkey on May 26 and I have transit in Canada.
    I have applied for transit visa and sent my passport to VAC.
    I received an email on may 8 that VAC has received my passport. Since that date , I didn’t receive any update regarding my passport status and I don’t know if I should wait or call the airline to delay my trip
    Any advice?
    Iam sooo worries . My flight after 10 days and I don’t know what should I do
  2. According to CSC/VAC, it could take between 10-15 business days for passport transmission to/from the VAC to the visa office + additional time for visa stamping.

    If you have an application number, you could track it:
  3. That means my passport maybe still in the visa office and it is not in the consulate yet?
  4. That means my passport maybe still in the visa office ?
  5. Is it possible to track the status?

    It's not possible to guess where your passport is

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