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Traffic warrant from USA + Police clearance


Nov 1, 2018
I am planning to apply for a student visa to study master in Canada. In February, I studied in USA and got a traffic ticket for speeding. My lawyer got the ticket reduced to illegal parking but because I came back to my home country before the court date, I couldnt pay the fine. I think a warrant may be issued against me because of failure to pay. Now I need to obtain police clearance from US for my visa. Will the incident appear on my criminal record? Any one with a similar experience can give me an advice please?
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Feb 14, 2018
It depends on the state where you have got this ticket. It also depends on the police jurisdiction where this ticket was issued but it sounds to me that you have had it in a municipal court, because parking is usually a municipal code.

This offense will not affect your visa to Canada, whether speeding or parking. It will not appear on police checks because no fingerprints have been been collected, but the case and warrant status could still be visible to any savvy researcher who knows their way around county and municipal court records in the US.

Why don't you just pay it and be done with it before applying to Canada?