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Traffic tickets in USA and its impact on Canadian driving record

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Sajid3157, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    I have been residing in Canada as permanent resident and living in Mississauga since April, 2017. I have Ontario G license issued in November, 2017.

    I went to New York, USA with family (wife + 4 year old daughter) by car during long weekend (5-9 October). While coming back on 9th October, I received 2 tickets at same time (Overspeeding for 74 mph in 55 mph work zone + Child not wearing shoulder straps in her childseat although she was wearing the straps on waist) by a police officer in NY state highway which is some 150 Kms away from Canadian border.

    In both tickets, there are 2 options to choose- Plea of guilty and Plea of not guilty. I have to choose anyone of these options and send it back to the court address for them to decide for further action. If I choose plea for guilty, the court will decide the penalty charged amount in US $ + demerit points. On the other hand, if I choose plea for not guilty, the court would send me the hearing date.

    Anyone, please advise if there could be immediate negative impact of these US issued tickets on my Canadian driving record. If so, what would be the best way to tackle with this situation which could be plea for guilty or plea for non guilty or hire a lawyer?
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    New York reports traffic violations to Ontario and it will appear on your driving record and count for demerit points. I am not sure what other states have the same setup, but from personal experience I can assure you that New York does.

    I had a speeding ticket and they do not tell you the fine until after you plead guilty. It was around $200. If it was closer to the border I would have gone to a hearing, but didn't think it was worth my time or expenses to go back.
  3. Thanks alot jcum27.

    Please let me know if you took the services of any lawyer or you entered plea for guilty by yourself and then received fine information and settled it.
  4. No I just plead guilty...I was. The cop was really sympathetic but said I was just going too fast to let it go. He said if I went to court I could probably get it reduced but $75 in gas and a hotel overnight made told me not to. My driving record was clean so that wasn't an issue.
  5. Thanks jcum27 for your prompt response
  6. Michigan also. NY, MI, and ON all share info from what I understand
  7. Thanks Keesio. Wishing you merry Christmas and a very happy new year in advance.
  8. Quick question.
    I am from USA, moving to Canada in a month. I ordered Abstract Record (experience more than 3 years) from Texas DPS for exchange. I have a speeding ticket on my Drivers License (TEXAS). Will that ticket appear on my Canada Drivers License (Ontario) if I exchange ?


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