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Tourist Visa with on going filed Divorce

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Jedine, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. I am a Filipino man. I want to know if there's a possibility that my Tourist Visa Application will be denied if my wife(a Canadian Citizen) filed a divorce already and currently on process but didn't inform me. I just known it from my buddy buddy there in Canada. I applied for a tourist visa and I would like to visit her there and try to fix our marriage and talk about it. So yeah. I will shoulder all expenses on my visit there. I can provide everything requirements but not the invitation letter. Thank you very very much guys.
  2. Yes - you can certainly apply without an invitation letter. Generally speaking, it's hard to get a TRV approved when your spouse is Canadian since IRCC suspects you may have plans to remain in Canada long term. However you can certainly try. You will want to provide evidence of strong ties to your home country (e.g. employment, property, assets) to show you have no plans on remaining in Canada long term.
  3. Sorry to hear about it but try to write a cover letter. So that VO know your purpose there.
    Good luck
  4. thank you

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