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tourist Visa paper Applications From India (Delhi) Timelines

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by canadianguy123, Aug 10, 2018.

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    My family applied for Canadian Tourist Visa application From New Delhi, India on 23rdJuly,2018 without any sponsorship.

    We found no status change since then except the acknowledgement which states "...is being processed..."

    Via this portal, i am interested to know about the application status who met atleast below criteria and also like to get expert knowledge how long it could take, how positive our application is, what would be next steps, if any.

    1. Applied in July mid from Delhi
    2. Applied Family (> 1 Members incld. parents) TRV without sponsorship
    3. Filed Paper application via immigration consultant

    Will really appreciated!!

    Thanks :)
  2. Hi

    1/ Posted processing time is 30 days plus to and from VAC. Note your family will have to give biometrics.
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    Thanks for your intervention

    When / what stage do we need to give biometrics? Is it something to provide after processing time (plus to & from VAC) i.e. 30+ days

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