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Toronto and GTA condos

Discussion in 'Housing' started by rajbmanian, May 1, 2016.

  1. Is this group still active?
  2. I would also like to be added to this group if it’s active
  3. Kindly add me - +65 92723051
  4. Hi-can i have your contact no?
  5. hi Please add

    +968 96128858
  6. Kindly add me: +2348033783411. Thanks.
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  8. I am planning to land in January 2018. Please add me to the group. My number is 91-9900465533
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  9. Guys, looks like this thread is dead, we HAVE creating a new group for people landing in 2017 to discuss condos/apartments among other things. PM me your number if you would like to be added! :)
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  13. hi.
    how difficult is it for newcomers to rent apartments in Toronto? I'll be coming from Ireland with my wife, she's studying and I will be on a sponsored work permit with my current employer to work in their TO offices. We won't have credit history or references as we're fresh off the boat, as it were, so I'm worried that this might limit our options for accommodation.
  14. 1- Book at least two weeks of airbnb and look while in Toronto
    2- Find a guarantor if you can (family, friends, colleagues etc)
    3- Be prepared to pay up to 6 months' rent up front (The norm is first and last in move in)
    4- Do not rent a furnished apartment. They are very rare and the ones that do exist are typically rip offs. Always cheaper to rent unfurnished and buy your own at Ikea.
    5- Get a credit card and post paid phone accounts to start building credit history

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