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To choose right profession for LMIA

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by Sam230686, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. Hi, I hold two experiences one as a retail sale supervisor in Retail pharmacy as my educational background is in pharmacy and other as a sales executive in a pharmaceutical company in India.My educational background is in pharmacy.Now I am getting job offer from Canada in a furniture store that deals in selling furniture.I have a question Is any of my designation set in the furniture selling.what kind of LMIA should I look for?

    Thank you
  2. Firstly , why would a Canadian furniture store hire a pharmaceutical sales executive from India. Stinks of a scam. Did they ask you to pay them or pay for visa?
  3. My experience is in sales/Retail sales.Is it mandatory to stick with the pharmacy stream if one hold experience of sales in the same.
  4. No. It's not. My concern is why a Canadian furniture store is hiring an overseas person when plenty of people are available in Canada for Sales job.
  5. Its upto the employer and his will who to hire whether inside or outside of Canada.
    My main concern is wheter he can hire an employee in sales from a different stream or not
  6. Actually, it is up to the government of Canada whether an employer can hire someone from outside of Canada. There is little chance that this job offer is real and even if it is, there is pretty much no chance an LMIA would be approved.

    Post the offer letter with personal information removed.
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  7. Does it apply on someone who have temporary visa and presently in Canada.Then what are the chances for getting LMIA ?
  8. It applies to everyone. LMIAs are extremely difficult to get.

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