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Timeline for PR Application/Provincial Nominee

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by denamydenise, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone! I just received my Letter of Approval from the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program and I will
    be submitting my PR application next week...May I ask anyone who has gone through the process how
    long the process takes, from submitting the application to CIO until the visa is approved assuming that there are no glitches? Thanks you very much and goodluck to all of us..God is good!
  2. As what I understand from this forum discussions, it should take minimum one year.
  3. Mine took less than five months. However, expect up to one year processing.
  4. Yes, I should say maximum one year!! :D
  5. hello thanks for all your replies guys! I also checked the CIC website and it says Buffalo processing time at
    present is 14 months so you're just about right.Thanks again!
  6. one more questions guys if it's okay....did you pay your Rights of Permanent Residence fee right away along with the processing fee when you sent you application to CIO? thanks in advance. God Bless us all!

  7. RPRF to pay when requested.
    The processing fee is paid initially.
  8. Processing times are different at each CHC office, like New Delhi is faster then london.
  9. hi aussie_singh! thanks,..I am sending my application to Buffalo,New York which when I checked has

    a 14 month processing according to the CIC website,.how many months is New Delhi or London?
  10. Hello there,
    Please check this link cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/provincial/apply-application.asp
    Once you have been nominated you have to summit your application to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Sydney, Nova Scotia., also check in this forum PNP File Transfer To CIO Sydney, Nova Scotia - December/ January, someone started a timeline for pr applicants december, january,
    Good Luck!!!
  11. hi Wilson! may i ask you another question? this is regarding the Provincial Nominee Form Schedule 4

    wherein you have to provide the amount of money in your bank account..Do you have to support the amount

    by including your bank statement in your application? I checked the Document Checklist and there is no

    Bank statement in the required documents and the checklist says do not include any other documents

    other than what is on the list..What did you do with yours? Thanks in advance! God bless!
  12. Hi denamydenise,

    Did you get a response to your question? And if you don't mind how far have you gone with the process.

    Many thanks.

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