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Timeline and tips for applying for US tourist visa

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by chilkootcee, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. Hey all,

    Does anyone have any experience recently in applying for a tourist / visit visa to the US from Calgary? I know the US Consulate will process visa applications there and I see from their website that

    1) apply online and pay a fee
    2) book an interview at the US consulate (website is saying wait time for booking is 10 days)

    After the interview, how long does it take for them to process?

    My husband and I are hoping to catch the eclipse in the US this summer...but he is Syrian national so not sure how likely he can get a visa...

    Any tips and sharing of experience greatly appreciated!!

    If you have your own questions / answers about tourist visas to the US feel free to post here :)

  2. bump? still no responses :(
  3. I do not have experience of the embassy in Calgary but the general procedure is at the end of the interview, if your visa is approved the VO will keep the passport. Typically the stamping is completed in 1 or 2 business days and the passport desptached by approved methods based on the consulate location. You would need to allow the postage time or if they allow in person collection - that would be another option

    As far as tips are concerned, have all your documents in order - they can ask anything - ranging from your travel plans to seeing any documents including marriage certificate, etc. All depends on the VO - interviews typically last from 1 to 5 minutes depending on your profile and travel history. Just be confident and give the answers.

    Good luck - hope this helps.
  4. Hi Karthik,

    Many thanks for your reply. We're going to apply in mid-July...hopefully we can get an interview by the first week of August. I guess my only other question, is that if he is refused, does he get "blacklisted"??? To be honest I would prefer to avoid the US at all costs but he is really keen on seeing the eclipse and we have camping spots booked, festival tickets already.

    Take care,

  5. I dont think one gets blacklisted - again it depends on the reasons for refusal. In some situations, it is easy to reapply with additional evidence and get the visa. Yes, if there is evidence of fraud such as fake documents and the like, then there is high chance but most regular cases would get rejected either because of funds or because the VO is not convinced that the applicant will leave the US at the end of the stay and proving this is upto the applicant.

    In my opinion, as long as you can show good ties to Canada - job, etc. you should be fine. Have an itinerary and hotel bookings etc. and you should be just fine. You don't need to avoid the US - it is a good country and much to see :)

    Don't worry too much. Good luck.
  6. You don't need to wait for mid-July. The DOS advises to apply as early as possible. That could give you time to prepare for a reapplication if needed.
  7. Thanks for all the advice...but we are not moving to Canada until Jun 29 and I think it will be easier to apply from there once we have an apartment etc....(the rental lease on my house isn't up until end of November)....we likely won't have jobs yet by then either...

    I guess we will just have to see how it goes.

    Such a sad state of affairs in our world these days...

  8. Hi,

    I have a related question.

    I apply for USA visa from Canada ( I am PR holder in Canda) At the time of application, my tentative travel dates are the end of this month ( June ends) and mentioned hotel address as USA contact. However, when I reserve time for visa interview, the date I received is after two months (July end). I am worrying that will affect negatively in my visa application as my travel dates are before the visa interview days. I am planning to reschedule my travel days after receiving the visa.

    Appreciate any comments how to manage this issue at the interview.

    Thanks... :) :) :)
  9. When you apply for US visa, they want to see an itinerary - it doesn't actually have to be booked. Go to expedia or whatever, create an itinerary forthe approximate time you plan to travel and print it off as your expected travel. I wouldn't even bother showing them your currently booked travel.

    What the USA is primarily concerned with is proving that you're going to leave the USA after your visit. As others have said, focus on showing your ties to Canada (property ownership/lease agreement, job, family ties).

    To answer the other question about what happens if you get rejected - when you apply, you'll be interviewed. If the interviewer doesn't accept your explanation of plan, you just have to re-apply with more documentation. There's no blacklist, it's just a huge pain. In my experience, what the USA wants is to hear a story that they can understand and relate to - eg, "I'm going to my brother's wedding and will be there for 5 days" makes sense to them. "I'm going to a festival to look at an eclipse" might not, so ties to Canada will be the main thing you need to show.
  10. Hi Everyone ,

    I might be writing this in wrong forum but I did not foound any other best option other than this. If anybody have any idea about USA visitor visa.
    I had and interview today. IN my husband's DS 160 I did not mentioned his masters degree in production engineering because he did this degree while working. And i showed his Work experience. Now , in interview the officer asked and he said he also did the masters. So he got confuse. Now he said I am ready to approve your visa is you provide additional document (CV).

    The question is his masters is not distance learing (but allowed to not attend the classes) and he did worked during that period which i have on paper as experienced.
    I am confused what should I write in CV. working while studying ?
    It would be great is someone can help me on this .

    Thank you
  11. I'm not sure what you mean. They asked for a copy of his CV (Curriculum Vitae) ? A standard CV has one section for work experience and another for education. Put the masters degree in the education section with the name of the school and date of graduation, and put the work in the work experience section. It doesn't matter if they overlap because you have the answer ready - he was working and going to school at the same time.
  12. hello im applying for US visa from Halifax and i got two emails asking for my CV and employment letter my firnd also has an interview in the same day and didnt get any emails should it be concerning ?
  13. Your friend's application has nothing to do with your application.

    If they have asked for documents, you have to provide said documents or else your visa request will very likely be rejected.

  14. Hi
    I have a question for you . You applied for visa at halifax embassy how long does it took to get interview appointment for you ? . I cant find any now they are showing there is non available please see again . Does that happened to you too are they really busy ?
  15. Hi! What happened with your interview?

    Me and my husband we both have interview tomorrow at Halifax for Visitor visa an a day before we get an email asking to bring along CV. Just very concerned.

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