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Timeline after submission on the new PR confirmation portal


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Apr 28, 2021
Yes I know. My rep called and asked the same question. They said “this is because… you just need to wait!”
they are so pathetic, they don’t know what they are doing, man
But really, this wait thing they keep saying is so annoying.


Sep 8, 2021
Got my PR in 6 weeks. Got my eCoPR the same day of my PR confirmation and got my PR card a week later which was yesterday. Can’t believe how quick mine was. Guess it really depends on the officer working on your case. Hope you’ll all get yours soon.


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Jul 28, 2020
Hello All, I just got my PR card today through mail, please find below my timeline:

1st email: 23rd August 2021

2nd email: did not receive

1st email duplicated: 25th August 2021 (same information as first email, but only date was changed from 23 to 25 August)

Declaration in PR portal and Photo Upload: 31st August 2021 (no email received with login credentials, but I had an account with the same email id before receiving 1st email from IRCC for another PR application, this profile was updated with PR confirmation tab)

eCOPR: 1st September 2021

PR card received: 14th September 2021

CPC: Ottawa
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