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Thread: OINP tech draws - July 9

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Piyush5767, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Congrats!
    "Contact them" means go on the OINP website and build a profile, pay the fees...submit an application with all the supporting docs.
    Processing time is anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. If approved...you get 600pts.

    Best wishes
  2. Thanks and conz to you also!
  3. Hi, i also got my noi today. I have 459 points and currently working in Montreal, quebec.

    Do i need to move immediately from Quebec after accepting and applying PNP or should i wait till i get my PNP?
  4. You can easily wait till your pr get approved, getting noi after submiting doc and then approval takes time and then you use these points in ur ircc... assume 6 - 9 months sure!
  5. Thanks Piyush.
    Should i accept noi? beacause i have 459 points and last draw was 460. So i think i will get ITA within next two rounds of draw. I am bit confused. Should i accept noi OR should i wait for my ITA?
  6. @michael_mike you are going to submit moreover same documents for ITA and for ONIP, I will suggest you to wait till next Wednesday, if you don't get ITA in coming Wednesday then go for ONIP
  7. I think you should wait as compare to spend $1500 as you have 45 days
  8. Thanks @Piyush5767 @salmanhasni for your suggestions.

    I think i should wait as if i get ITA it will cost less money and less time.
  9. what happens if one accepts NOI and goes thru Provincial nomination process while CIC cut-off mets the score and get invite thru Express entry too ? At that time $1500 is throw-away...

    It seems going thru OINP route is $1500 additional cost :)
  10. Is it possible that if we accepts NOI and send them documents and if CIC cut-off mets the score, we will still get ITA???

    If so, then what will be next steps? we will have to withdraw OINP??
  11. Can oinp $1500 payment be made by a someone else's card or it has to be applicant's only?
  12. Yes, but you can withdraw onip any time while it is in under processing.. so your amount refund back
  13. I thought we are not in the queue after accepting NOI and the we fall back in EE only if we decline the nomination (if one does that). 1500 is not refundable anyway. Correct me if i am wrong.
  14. You are still in queue until you get ITA, NOI is not an IRCC invitation and yes i heard and read amount return back if you cancel the noi.

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