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This thread will give you complete idea about timelines which I have gone through.

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by studypermit77, Oct 31, 2019.

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    Hello Friends,

    I got my visa and below are the my timelines of my visa processing. I Hope this will help you with an idea about timelines. Good luck with your visa process.

    03-Jul-19---> Attended IELTS exam.
    24-Jul-19---> Received IELTS Score card.
    25-Jul-19---> Applied to university in Canada.
    01-Aug-19--> Got admission in college with Letter of Acceptance.
    02-Aug-19--> Applied for CAQ online and received checklist of document to submit.
    03-Aug-19--> Sent Documents in courier to Canada for CAQ.
    07-Aug-19--> Document delivered to CAQ office by courier company.
    20-Aug-19--> Received CAQ approval email and CAQ letter in the CAQ portal.
    21-Aug-19--> Applied for student GIC in scotia bank on their website.
    23-Aug-19--> Got Scotia bank GIC account details to send money.
    26-Aug-19--> Sent GIC deposit amount to Scotia bank from Indian bank account.
    26-Aug-19--> Sent 1st year fees from Indian bank account to university.
    04-Sep-19--> Received GIC deposit certificate from Scotia bank.
    06-Sep-19--> Received fees payment receipt confirmation from university in Canada.
    11-Sep-19--> Attended up front medical exam at CMM medical center and got the completion certificate. I was been told that medical results will be sent to IRCC directly.
    18-Sep-19--> Applied for Non SDS study permit online on IRCC website and submitted all the documents and Selected New Delhi Office.
    19-Sep-19--> Profile updated and UCI got assigned.
    24-Sep-19--> Received Bio metrics enrollment letter.
    26-Sep-19--> Completed Bio metrics at VFS location.
    26-Sep-19--> 1st time Profile updated as Bio metrics complete.
    26-Sep-19--> 2nd time Profile updated as You passed the medical exam.
    02-Oct-19---> Received student acknowledgement letter in the email for the 1st time from New Delhi visa office.
    02-Oct-19--> Received 1st ghost update(profile current status shows as updated but no changes were made to profile.
    07-Oct-19--> Received 2nd ghost update(profile current status shows as updated but no changes were made to profile.
    15-Oct-19--> Received student acknowledgement letter in the email for the 2nd time from New Delhi visa office.
    25-Oct-19--> Received the bio metric correspondence letter at 5.27pm IST.
    25-Oct-19--> Received the Original Passport request letter at 5.47pm IST.
    29-Oct-19--> Submitted the Original passport along with Passport request form( VFS accept walk in for passport submission. No appointment is required).
    29-Oct-19--> Passport dispatched to visa office in Bangalore.
    30-Oct-19--> Passport received by IRCC Bangalore and it is in process.
    31-Oct-19--> CIC Profile updated for Review of eligibility as October 25, 2019 Your eligibility has been reviewed.
    31-Oct-19--> CIC Profile updated for Background check as September 26, 2019 Your background check was completed.
    31-Oct-19--> CIC Profile updated for Final decision as October 31, 2019 Your application was approved.
    31-Oct-19--> Document Status tab appeared on CIC account with Document number(This is visa number) and visa Expiry date.
    31-Oct-19--> Received an email from VFS with status as Your processed decision envelope has been dispatched from the IRCC Office.
    31-Oct-19--> Decision envelope has been couriered from the Canada Visa Application Centre, to track the status of the shipment, please visit courier partner website.
    31-Oct-19--> Tracking number provided by VFS when submitted the passport is activated at 7.10pm IST.
    01-Nov-19–> Received Study permit Corrospondence letter in IRCC account at 1.15pm IST.
    01-Nov-19–> Received the passport with visa stamp in courier.

  2. This is very well documented! Thank you for this.
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  3. Thanks :)
  4. Could you provide the list of documents for applying paper based?
    I had my online application refused once. I will be reapplying paper based.

  5. I applied online. I don’t have any check list of documents for paper based application(if they are different from online).
  6. Where did you apply from?

  7. I applied online. Selected Hyderabad canada consulate. I am from Hyderabad
  8. .

    Sorry I mean to say New Delhi visa office.
  9. Can you share SOP? I need to reapply by Friday.

  10. My consultancy person prepared it and they did not share with me.

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