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Third try, Refused again

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by malaya013, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I applied for a temporary visa three times and all those times I got denied. The last time I applied, I had the assistance of an immigration lawyer and still got denied.

    The reasons for refusal IRCC mentioned are:
    1. No proof that I am going to leave Canada after my stay.
    2. Not enough proof of ties in my residential country
    3. No sufficient proof that I can provide for the whole duration of my stay.
    4. Not enough travel history

    My partner is a Canadian citizen and we have been together for more than two years. We are not married but we are expecting a baby this November 2018.

    In my last application, we explicitly explained that the reason for my 3-week visit is to meet his adopted family and his newly-found biological parents after 35 years. We are both working online with a gross monthly income of more than $2000 CAD. I don't have any relatives in Canada. We are also currently leasing a townhouse here in the Philippines. Moreover, we already traveled outside of the Philippines together and I also have travel history in other countries without him.

    What could be our next plan of action?
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    IMO, unfortunately, you do not have a strong TRV profile. In fact, your immigration lawyer should have advised you against reapplying for a TRV.

    Here's why your TRV application is highly likely to be refused if you reapply:
    1. Canadian partner + you are common law

    2. Baby on the way who will be granted Canadian citizenship depending on how/when your partner got his citizenship

    3. Income/earnings are quite low = Potential to overstay for financial reasons

    4. Your purpose of visit implies your family ties to Canada will be the strongest when you visit = No incentive for you to return to the Philippines.

    5. Only short travel to visa-required countries (US, UK, Schengen, Australia, NZ, etc) will be considered as travel history.

    You may want to consider applying for PR as common law if you intend to move to Canada
  3. I am not interested in permanent residency because we want to live here in the Philippines. Is that the next possible option?
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