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The embassy requestd me to do medical for a visitors visa....confused.

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by mckay, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. I applied to visit my wife who is doing her masters degree in Canada and was refused last year, I re applied again last month and precisely after 27 working days being today i received this email....

    Dear sir/Madam,

    Please be informed that the Canadian deputy high commission has sent your passport with medical instructions.

    Kindly collect the same showing your collection slip at the visa application centre.

    Best regards.

    Now i am very surprised and worried because i checked the cic website and it said no medical is required for a visitor visiting for less than 6 months and i am visiting for only 3 weeks which i specified to them. I am 32 yrs old. Ps kindly address the following questions.

    1: Why is my case an exception and what specific texts am i required to do?
    2: If i successfully pass the medical exam does that guaranty that i will get this visa?
    3: How long does it take to get a reply from the embassy after a medical exam because my work leave start first week of may. Will they get back to me before then?
    4: I have done HIV and VDRL text and came out negative. what other text am i supposed to do in preparation for the medical?
    5: I have been diagnosed of high blood pressure but not life trathening as it is within the bother line of 100/140 and 90/ 130. will that disqualify me during medicals?

    Please reply or comment to help me. I am sorry i asked a lot of questions but i am worried sick and my wife is very anxious. pls help.
  2. pls can some one comment on my post? Im worried sick pls i need advice.
  3. On the CIC website it says they can ask you for a medical. I am guessing maybe just maybe they might give you a temporary visa almost the same length of youre wife's student visa. So in that case they might need you to have medical done. As for the tests you will get a document with your passport which will outline which tests you need to get done. and they might send you a list of clinics where you will have to get them done. After youre done your med - everything good on that front (btw high blood pressure is not a biggie they wont decline you for this) they are looking for diseases which can be passed on..so you're okay there...after med is done you can be rest assured that they will give you a visa...I have hardly seen anyone getting declined after med unless the med results had a problem

    Good luck and dont stress out too much! You're almost there!!
  4. Shaznaa75....may God bless you for you information. I am hoping i come out fine since i am HIV negative and vdrl negative and have never had a case of tuberculosis. But due to my high blood pressure i always experience this pain on my chest which come up when ever my BP shoot up. Right now i am experiencing it. I understand that a chest x ray is required. if they detect that i have pain in my chest will that warrant disqualification? Please if you have more information to give me i will appreciate it. Other members of the forum can still comment pls.
  5. Hey man, Just relax, I know a friend who is a patient of High blood pressure and he is in Canada, dont stress yourself.. I wish you good health, and hope nothing bad comes up in the medical test.

    I think they take tests to make sure you will not bring any diseases into Canada and wont be a burden on Canadian health system - my assumption...
  6. you have absolutely nothing too stress over. You should get your visa btw 1-2 weeks once medical is cleared. The other thing is you'd have to pay for the medical test (my husband and I did). The medical cetre you are referred to will inform you of the fee so its best to call in advance to book an appt and find out info on any fees. Wish you luck!!
  7. Dont Stress out too much..you will get Visa after med test. BP does not warrant disqualification. Only people with serious "transmittable" diseases are declined on medical grounds. Just relax, in your package you received from the CHC they must have outlined what tests you will be required to undergo. Since you're from Nigeria(I think) Most people from the African continent have to go for medical even for TRV.

    The next step is to get an appointment for Med tests, check out the med fees and once you're done with that re-submit your passport and you will get your visa in the next 2 weeks. good luck!
  8. shaznagz75 and preggie...tnx to you all, pls can you clarify this? Its states that medical takes 4 weeks so how can i get the visa in 1 to 2 weeks after taking the medical test.
  9. So i did a routine personal test in preparation for my medical exam and the unrine test showed +1, pls can some one explain the implication of that? i leant it indicate that i have disease of the kidney and heart. will that be enough reason to disqualify me? pls help.
  10. D~ude get a hold of yourself and STOP freaking out...
    dunno why they'd say medical takes 4 weeks..What country are you in?? The only thing i can think of is that the med centre might not always have availability so the earlier you book the better..Book your appt now..best of luck!
  11. So i did a routine personal test in preparation for my medical exam and the urine test showed +1, pls can some one explain the implication of that? i learnt it indicate that i have disease of the kidney and heart. will that be enough reason to disqualify me? Pls help.
  12. Mckay. You are really freaking out man. Like I said unless you don't bring any "TRANSMITTABLE" disease into their country you're perfectly fine. pls stop stressing out. you will be fine. I would suggest go see an immigration consultant in your city he or she will be help you put your tension to ease that is IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE US! JUST REEELAX ...thats all we can say.
  13. Thnx shasnaz i appreciate you and every body in this forum, i went to another doctor who conducted another urinalysis and said there is no protein trace and that i am fine. I did chest xray and it came out fine so tomorrow i will go for the ME. wWish me luck my good people and may God almighty bless us all. Tnx all for the support.
  14. Nothing to worry, go for the tests. if you had HIV, you wouldnt be able to hide that, it would have been revealed anyways through the medical test. You are what you are.
  15. Jnathan,,,, i went for the test on 3rd of april and im still waiting for the embassy. If the medical come out ok will that guarantee that i get the visa? Can they ask for additional test due to high blood pressure?

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