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The difference between a STUDY PERMIT and a STUDY VISA?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by ha55an, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. I am applying for a student visa for Canada. I have been granted admission into a University for Jan 2013 session. My consultant has told me that we would have to apply for a Study Permit first of all and this process would take around 15 weeks.After that an application for a Study Visa would be made. I am very confused as per my information Study Permit is granted upon arrival at the port of entry. If that is how long it actually takes,there isnt a realistic chance of me being able to get in for the Jan'13 session.

    Also I cannot present a Bank Statement for 3 months but I do have an offer of Running Finance Facility from a bank of Rs 6 million against my fathers deposits and property as collateral.I want to know if this would work,or is it mandatory to submit a Bank Statement.

    Senior members inam, momi and others please guide as to what my next step would be. What is the difference between a study permit and a visa and what do yo apply for first?

    An urgent reply would help my cause.

  2. I dont believe there is student visa per say. u apply for student permit and when u do u also apply for temporary resident visa . experts will know more wait for their replies.
  3. You will apply for the study permit here in CHC Islamabad.this process takes almost 11 weeks which is published on their website. You will be asked for medical in between and if every thing goes well study permit will be stamped on your passport along with the letter of introduction which will be needed at port of entry.
    Check out this

    As far I know running finance facility is not working well for the students of Pakistan , so try to show at least 4 to 6 month bank statement along with proper source.
  4. Thanks for the reply guys..sorry for asking kind ov the same thing again but i really need your help.
    The thing is that my consultant is confusing me, she is saying that she will apply for a study permit which will take about 15 weeks and after that she will apply for a visa so the whole process could take around 5 - 6 months. I dunno WTF is she on about coz i cant wait for that long, my session starts on 7th Jan, and according to the rules on cic website they they take around 12 weeks to process a visa so i think i hav enough time.

    One last thing, i also have a statement of 4 million in a fixed deposit account under my name for the last 6 months, I didnt wanted to use it b'coz its a small investment bank. Although its registered with state bank, stock exchange and investment commission of Pakistan and everything I am worried CIC might not accept it. Initially i wanted to go to Australia and they accept running finance so i was chilling but now i changed my mind and i cant get 6 months old bank statement from a regular high profile bank all of a sudden.
    Please guys advise what should i do....

  5. First change ur consultant or prepare ur visa application ur self...If ur bank is legally working in Pakistan then go with its statement , it will be acceptable and ok...
  6. Thanks alot bro, i was thinking the same thing, i will prepare the file myself.
    Thanks again and i wish u all the best for your visa.

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