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The anatomy of a Background Check? - <<<<<<IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS>>>>>>>

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by legalfalcon, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. @serendipity2709

    In response to your questions on RR, see my previous post, where in I have discussed this:

    Understanding “Review Required”

    A lot of applicants see “review required” in their GCMS notes for eligibility. There are many theories floating around with regard to what “review required” means and if it is alarming.

    Before I venture into explaining the significance, it is important to understand that each application goes through the following stages as per the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the regulations (Canadian Immigration Law):

    R10 – Completeness Check
    A11.2 – eligibility

    Out of the above, the most important stage is eligibility. This is also the most time-consuming stage because your documents have to be verified, evaluated and assessed to ascertain that you meet the eligibility criteria for the program you have applied (FSW / CEC / FTW). To stream line this process and make it easier for an immigration officer (decision making authority), all applications are first evaluated by case analysts or program assistants. They review the documents and summarize it in the GCMS. If they have any concerns with any document or want the immigration officer to carefully look into a specific document, they will flag it as “review required.” It is the content of the note that is important here. If the review required is for a specific document, while the summary of the note says that an applicant has met the eligibility, or “ready to finalize” it simply means that while the applicant has met the eligibility criteria, but the specific document needs a careful examination form the officer before promoting (eligibility pass) by the officer.

    However, if there are concerns, there will be a review required for the eligibility, and there will be no text to the effect “ready to finalize” or pass. The note will specifically state job duties do not match, or the employment cannot be verified, or the number of years of work experience claimed cannot be verified. This is where an application can land in muddy waters. But the final decision rests on the immigration officer. He may override the decision of the analyst / assistant or go with the analysis of the analyst / assistant.

    Even in cases where the analyst / assistant is of the opinion that the applicant has met the eligibility, and there is no “review required,” the officer can replace it with his own opinion. Though rare, but it does happen. This is why the eligibility is only passed when an officer conclusively marks the eligibility as passed.

    Finally, there is “review required” for PoF. This is the most common in many applications. This is because, the financial and banking practices of each country are different. Eg. Fixed deposits are know as Certificate of Deposit (CD) in the US. Similarly, treasury bonds, mutual funds, stocks, and many other investment vehicles are there. If your PoF anything other than a bank deposit, it is more likely that it will be marked as “review required.” Also, IRCC does not go by day to day fluctuations in FOREX. Instead, the Canadian federal government issued a quarterly conversion rate for all FOREX vis-a-via CAD. If your PoF is in a foreign currency, then you may have “review required” for the officer to make a determination.

    Just because you have “review required” does not mean that you hit the panic mode. Instead, read the context in which it is there. If there is a concern regarding a document, you can send a replacement document via CSE. The most common reasons for RR are:

    1. Work reference letter without job duties
    2. Work reference letters missing all the details requested by IRCC
    3. If you submitted a letter from a colleague because you were unable to get one from your employer, but did not have a LoE on file, this too will lead to RR.
    4. Not sufficient work experience in the primary NOC.
    5. Inability to verify your employment as your employer details are missing.

    There are just some of the scenarios.

    Hope this helps.

    Read this and then see why you have RR, if you still have questions, feel free to ask.
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  2. Thanks @legalfalcon for the detailed post.

    After reading this post I think I’m stuck in security screening somewhere.

    I need a suggestion from you on the notes should I order, GSMS or CSIS/CBSA as I have completed the estimated processing time of 6 month on 9th May 2018. I’m FSW-O, still in the so called IP1 and there is no update since MEP.
    I have called CIC to get an update and I was told that my eligibility is MET (not passed). I called again after completion of the timeline and they did raise a request for update to Ottawa Visa Office (my processing office). Now, I have received the following response over the email.

    “Dear Sir/Madam,

    Your file is currently under review and requires additional verifications. As a result, the assessment period will be outside of our posted processing times.

    Unfortunately at this time we are not able to determine when your application will be finalized, but our office will contact you as soon as all verifications are completed, or if any additional information or documents are required.

    We appreciate your patience and ask that you keep correspondence with our office to a minimum.”

    Please suggest me how should I proceed further. Thanks in advance!!
  3. So if your eligibility is MET (Not Passed) you should order GCMS notes.
  4. You should understand a few things:

    1. Security only starts when your eligibility is conclusively passed by an immigration officer, and not by an analyst.

    2. The 6 months processing time frame starts from the day when your R10 is passed, and not when you get the AOR.

    3. The CBSA and CSIS notes only help you to determine the day your security processing was initiated by CBSA / CSIS and if they have concluded their involvement. So they will not be of any use at this point.

    As of now, what you can do is request your GCMS notes and see if there are any issues with your eligibility, which may be taking more time than expected. Also, if you received any ADRs, that would add to the time.

    But, this time frame and the delay is nothing to worry about. Many applications take over 6 months to be processed.
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  5. Thanks @legalfalcon for the detailed explanation.
    I have not received any ADRs as of now. But I’m little worried with “Additional verifications required.... and We appreciate your patience and ask that you keep correspondence with our office to a minimum.”
    Will they get offended if I again try to contact them even for the notes? I have also raised a webform after my timeline finished to which I have not received any response till now.

    Also, please let me know the best way to order the notes as I’m not from Canada. Thanks again..
  6. You can contact as many times as you want. There is nothing to get offended.

    But, you should give some time between you contact, sat at leats 7-10 days.
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  7. So the 3 ways to reach are different.
    When you order notes its under the law you are ordering it, you can order as many times as you want but no point ordering it without providing a gap of around 45 days.
    Calls - The agents are responsible to ans this and they have the record so if you keep calling them after a interval of 10-15 days, you might get a rude response
    Webform - You will get a standard reply if you ask for an update after every 10 days, you have to give a gap of atleast 10 days from the day you got a response.
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  8. Dear @legalfalcon , wonderful content and professional to the max, i have seen experienced people but no one come close to you, thank you so much for the input and effort you put in.

    I have a sideline question if you dont mind, is it a trend that lebanese nationality gets delayed
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  9. Hey can you share your complete email as I received similar email last week. Thanks
  10. Thank you for contacting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

    You will find below useful information that we hope will help understand the process and current status of your permanent residence application.

    • Your application is currently being processed at the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Sydney, Nova Scotia.
    • The responsible office is currently reviewing the application and documents submitted to determine if you and your family members if applicable meet the eligibility requirements under the class for which you have applied. You can expect to be contacted if additional information is necessary.
    • The background verifications are currently being processes.
    • As the results of your medical examination have expired, a correspondence requesting that you undergo a new medical examination may be sent to your account OR to you.
      • if you have not received the letter, you can advise us of this situation via our IRCC Web form. A copy of the letter will be resent to you.
      • if the message does not appear in your account, we invite you to advise us of this situation via our IRCC Web form. Please include screen shots of your messages section.
    Although processing times may vary, rest assured that we are committed to finalizing your application within the regular processing time.

    We invite you to visit our website for more information on what to expect after a permanent residence application is submitted.

    We hope the information provided is helpful in assisting you with your enquiry.


    Paulo, Agent 4336
    Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
  11. Thanks
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  12. @Puka countries that are not stable, don't have strong diplomatic ties with Canada, and refuse to share information, are the ones that see most nations of their country who are PR applicants go in enhanced security screening.
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  13. What's your timeline?
  14. Not sure if this has been asked before but what is the role of CBSA in security screening for outland applicants?
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