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Temporary resident visa from inside Canada 2018

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by snehavyas, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. Hello!

    Did anyone apply for a temporary resident visa online from inside Canada. I just got my open work permit and i applied for a TRV inside Canada on August 10. I have no updates yet. Is anyone facing the same problem?

    Can successful applications please post their timeline?
    Would be helpful.

    Thank you
  2. Yes, I applied on August 20 and I haven't yet received any updates from there side. Is there any updates for your application?
  3. @Bryanna and @snehavyas could you please tell me if this is normal not to receive any update after almost 2 months of wait??
    Thanks in advance
  4. Not normal. You probably applied to change your status to visitor instead of applying for a TRV. What form did you submit?
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  5. hello, thank you for your reply.. I filled the form imm5257e, and in the document checklist, I was required to upload my study permit, purpose of travel is "studying", so I am quite confident about my application..
  6. I suggest you contact IRCC, as you are well beyond the posted processing time.
  7. Hey,
    Please do let me know what they say when you contact them. I have no luck, its been more than 2 months since I applied on August 10.
    However, i do wanna share that when i sent a mail to CIC ( submitted a CSE) Their response was general. If anyone can please suggest what needs to be done, that's be very helpful.
  8. Hello Snehavyas,

    Please provide me some support in the way you applied after you got your new work permit, my situation is the following : the extension of my work permit was approved yesterday, I have a travel booked to my home country on Dec 28th and I'm quite corcern because for apply to my VISA I guess I have to wait to receive the work permit extension document in my mail. In the approval letter on the cic website says that should take less than 6 weeks but even if it takes the 6 week that will be a lot to start with the visa application process. My question is , is possible to apply online and in the proof of status uploade the communication letter received that indicates the extension was approved.

    Thank you.

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