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  1. Airbnb is the cheapest place to stay temporarily in sask cities. Min. $ 35 per person, per night.
    Until the rental house is found.
    Then kijiji rental homes is the best web site to search home.
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    Cigarette is very costly in Sask. Min. Rs. 750 for one packet of 25 numbers. I am very upset. Bring 40-50 packets together.
    Tobacco products are not restricted to bring.

    P.S. - If you do not smoke, don't worry.
    "Jitani la sakte ho le aao, double rate me ham purchase kar lenge." Wills Navy cut is good.
    Business opportunity.

    Statutory Warning : Smoking is injurious to health.
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  3. Banjour
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    Left hand ( Driving ) habit is chasing now. Suddenly the van goes towards the left hand side. People think that there is a drunk man.

    P.S. - We can drive here till three months, through 1 year min old Indian Light motor vehicle license. Only after completing license computer written exam ( Rules and sign)
  5. Ashu bhai, kuch job ka bana kya. Let me know if something is available, i am interested.
  6. That's not quite accurate.

    You can legally bring a maximum of 200 cigarettes into Canada. If you bring more than that - you'll have to pay duty and taxes. You must also declare all tobacco products you bring into Canada or face fines.
  7. Okay boss. Thank you.
    I think at first we can get more stuff.
  8. Ashu bhai , please share your number or call at 639-317-7528..need to speak to you.
  9. don't you need to give your address at various places like for:
    • permanent residence application
    • eHealth
    • Local Bank Account
    • SIN... etc
    can you apply for these with airbnb address ?
    they don't need rental lease agreement ?
    you gave different airbnb addresses?
    how does this work ?
  10. Salut ashu,
    Comment allez-vous?
  11. Je vais bien.
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  12. Until the rental house is found.
  13. ASHU BHAI @

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