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Teaching in Public School on Temporary Work Permit

Discussion in 'Education' started by gregmerfy, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. I'm an American public school teacher having a difficult time getting a response from school districts in BC. I've applied for many full-time and teachers on-call positions in and around Vancouver. I'm surprised I haven't heard back from at least a few given my experience and advanced degree in education. I'm starting to wonder if there's something about my circumstances as a new immigrant that is disqualifying me. Here are my details:

    • I have a temporary work permit with the restriction on working with kids lifted. My PR will be issued January 2020.
    • My new teacher certification was transferred from the USA to BC in January.
    • My teacher training was completed in the US.
    • My BC teacher certification is "conditional" because they require elementary school teachers from outside Canada to take a course in Canadian history. I have 5 years to complete this.
    • I'm 40 years old.

    Are any of these red flags for HR? Are there things I don't know that I don't know?

    When I moved here with my girlfriend, Vancouver and surrounding areas were desperate for teachers. During the 9 months it took to transfer and process my US certification that changed. I understand there's less of a demand now, but I'm surprised I can't get a simple substitute teaching job. Any suggestions would be most helpful.

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