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TCF Certificate Date


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Sep 20, 2018
Hi. I'm including my TCF Canada certificate/grade to my EE profile, and I'm unsure which date to mention on "Date of test results"? From what I see, there is only one date on the certificate, which is the date I took the test, should I put that one?

Thank you


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Aug 23, 2020
I had the same question so I thought to answer them here.
There are two dates:
- Test date: This should be entered as the date that is written in front of "date de la session" in your attestation even if it does not correspond to your exact test date. TCF Canada centers have sessions that are open for a number of days, and you may have taken the exam on a date other than the "date de la session". I have been told by the examiner that this is the only date that is sent in all papers to France Éducation International, hence I suppose the only date that the officer would see as the test date. To make sure that there would be no confusion, you can tell IRCC (via an LOE or sth else) that the date you took the exam was different than the session date (if that is the case like myself), and I think they'd understand what this means.
- Test results date: There is no date mentioned for that in the attestation, but what you can do is take the "Expire le: DATE" in the attestation and subtract two years from it. I think this would be very likely the date that the results were signed by the official. Again, to make sure there is no confusion, if you received the results on a date other than that, you can mention that in the LOE ( this happens for IELTS too, where the date you receive the results is sometimes different from the date results are signed by the official).