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taxes - my outland app husband living with me in Canada


Mar 3, 2019
AOR Received.
I'm a Canadian citizen. Last year my husband and I applied via outland application, from the US, for him to become a Canadian permanent resident. We then moved to Canada while the app was pending (so to anyone who asked, he was a "visitor").
I'm in the process of completing my tax return, and I don't know how to navigate the part about my spouse and his income. He worked up until we moved here, and then was unemployed while we lived here waiting for the permanent residence to be accepted. When I indicate on the form that I'm married, that I arrived back to Canada in 2019, and that we did live together for all of 2019, the form assumes that he is also a "newcomer to Canada" and asks for the amount he earned before arriving in Canada. If I want to mark him down as a "non-resident", I'd have to also say that we did NOT live together for all of 2019.
What is the best practice for outland applicants who live with their spouse while waiting for their application to be completed? Do I just say that yes I'm married, but to a non-resident, even if it means I have to claim we didn't live together? I don't want to make things complicated, but I also don't want the return to look like he was a legal resident who should have been able to provide a SIN number and all that (because obviously he can't).