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Taxation for new immigrants


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May 6, 2016

I have a complex situation and I need to ask a few questions here. My wife, daughter and I landed in Toronto in Feb of this year, and were granted PR status. We left toronto a week later. In that week I opened an account in TD bank, however, that no transactions occured.

Our PR cards arrived at a relative's place in April, and he posted them to us here in Singapore where both of us had our jobs.

My wife got a job this August, and she left for Toronto to settle down. We rented a property beforehand (In both our names - my name was added as I was the one with a stable income in singapore, had a good credit history here, and was able to prove to the landlord that without a canadian income, i could pay the rent for the entire year), opened a hydro account, got a rogers net connection. She and my daughter left, and I am still here. She has started her job, filled in her initial tax forms, submitted to the employer.

I plan to move either late this year, or early next year. Except for the week in Feb, I have never been to Canada. Till this August, had no property (rented or otherwise), no ties, nothing with Canada. Even now, my wife and daughter are there but they are not my dependents or anything. Once, I get a job there, later this year, I will move.

My questions are:

1) Will I be considered a tax resident of canada for 2017?
2) If yes, will I be considered a tax resident for the entire year 2017 or from august, or from when I am back in Canada for good?

As per CRA, the substantial ties are:

1) Own a home
2) Have a spouse
3) have dependents

I have 2) from August, but no financial ties to me.

Thanks in advance. I ask, because I will pay substantial taxes here in Singapore for 2017, and even after deductions (treaty to avoid double taxations), the amount will be substantial.

Thanks again!
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May 6, 2016
Yes, but will she be my dependent or my wife's, as she lives with her in Toronto, and is provided for wholly by her?
No child care benefits have been taken as yet, moreover, we have been told that we cannot/should not apply for the child care benefits since February, as we were not living there.

PS: My wife was the primary applicant.

PPS: In feb, we only got the SIN no from Pearson airport. No Health Card applied for. She has applied for hers and my daughter's health card after arriving on 10th August 2017.

I only have the SIN number and the PR card.


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Jun 18, 2017
I'm not an accountant so others will have to give an accurate answer but you are on the housing lease which complicates things. Technically then providing for your dependent as well since providing housing I think but the bigger issue is probably being on the lease. Definitely not a resident before August 2017. You may also want to post under taxation header where you may get some better replies:)


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Nov 5, 2015
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As long as your wife and spouse are settled in Canada it might be difficult for you to prove non-residency. The CRA will not care about whether you support them financially or not.
If there is a dta between Canada and Singapore then the tax you pay in Singapore would be deducted from the amount you would owed in Canada based on your worldwide income.


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May 6, 2016
Yes, there is a treaty. But then again, the tax in Singapore is quite lower than canada, and the $ is about the same exchange rate.

Moreover, I presume that the world income I declare to CRA would only be from when I became a resident for tax purposes i.e. august. Is there a minimum amount waived from income for tax to be calculated upon?