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Taiwan medical exam sent to Manila?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by onmywayhome, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. My wife got her medical exam done yesterday as one of our final steps before sending her PR. They sent the exam results to Manila. Does this sound right to anyone? My wife specifically told her it should go to Hong Kong but she said, "no, it needs to go to Manila." If this is right, does anyone know why it goes to Manila?

    Thanks for any information anyone can provide!
  2. Hi,

    We had similar issue with our medical exam. My wife did it in Bangkok, but since she is a student in China, we asked the results to be forwarded to the Beijing office. She was told the same thing - it MUST go to MNL.

    I called CIC, and the agent who answered the phone (after good 30 minutes on hold :-\) told me that the doctors had their own internal procedures and that there was nothing to worry about.

    We already got our stage 1 approval, and when I checked the online status, it states "medicals received". I suppose the doctors forward the medicals to MNL, from where the results are further distributed to the appropriate visa office.
  3. Hey!

    Medicals are centralized first by regions, and then distributed to the different VO.
    It's important that your VO appears on the form ( so in your case, in the space for "which VO" it should say HK, you can check as normally you have the copy given to you to add to your application), but after that, MNL is probably the "regional center" for medicals, and they will forward it.

    Medicals are rarely lost or anything like this, so as long as you have the form given to you to add to your application, you should be fine.
    Good luck in the process,
  4. That's correct. We also are applying from Taiwan. They are sent to Manila then sent to the specific VO when the officer in stage 2 requests it.
  5. For China, the medical goes to the regional office in Beijing, then they forward it to the HK visa office.

  6. Thanks everyone! Your help is much appreciated.

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