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Sydney VO join here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Nsidhu, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. Any timelines from Sydney VO ?? Please share here
  2. Hey,

    How should I check my VO?

    I applied as a CEC Inland from Toronto.

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    by calling
  4. My Timeline
    Inland, CEC
    AOR - May 31
    Profile updated: RPRF request & payment - July 9
    Medicals - Passed - July 9th
    Criminality - Completed - July 10th
    Eligibility - Not Completed
    Security - Not Started
    VO - Sydney NS
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  5. Inland CEC

    AOR: june 29
    MP: aug7
    Additional family info requested and submitted: aug8
    Aug 8 criminality and eligibility passed and ghost updates same day

    Security: not started
    Sydney VO
  6. Anyone any updates ?
  7. Any Sydney applications news????? Omg this office seems really slow
  8. I know right! Seems they just forgot our application :(
  9. yeah never heard any sydney people getting ppr since months ...
  10. Me too, its mostly Edmonton.
  11. have you callled them?? whats your timeline
  12. My application is with Sydney CIO, got my MEP Sept 30. It seems like people either get their applications approved 35-40 days or 100+ days, there is nothing in between.
  13. your full timeline please?
  14. ITA Sep 4th, AOR Sep 6th, MEP Sep 30th.
  15. better than others,,, fast

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