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Sydney Case processing Centre Applicants ...Lets connect here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Nsidhu, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Holy !!! They didn’t open my ADR either. I submitted almost a month
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  2. Same here .. submitted on aug 8
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  3. according to CEC Tracker ,,, Sydney is taking more than 200 days for express entry files
  4. Wow, i'm on 144 days now.
    Estimated remaining processing time: 38 Day(s)
  5. No way!!! Please send my file to Edmonton
  6. yea seriously ,,, i live in edmonton ,,, edmonton is on sept files even one or two october
  7. I used to live in Edmonton too but economic sucks. I have no choice. I got a job in the another province. I wish my file in Edmonton and they ask me for landing interview lol.
  8. am leaving soon too :) but i have good job here ,,, i don't like this silent city
  9. Oh God thats way too slow!
  10. still waiting, you guys chill
  11. same status as past 5 months
  12. I hate when my file is processing in Sydney NS....Can I request to move other office lol
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  13. Yeah a bro got his ppr AOR end of March 2019

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