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Supervisa approved but...

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by albertasun, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    So my mom's super visa is approved after 4+ months yesterday but she is already in Canada (Came last week as she is from Visa-exempt country).

    Does anyone know if she can visit to the US and get the supervisa stamp at the airport?

    Or does she have to go back to her country and come back to Canada?

  2. I am confused, Visa stamping is not done at airport but at an embassy after you deposit your paper at vac. If that's what you meant to ask, yes you can send your passport to any nearby vac.
  3. Sorry if it was a bit confusing.

    She is from Visa-exempt country so only thing the CIC sent us is a 'letter of introduction' which means she doesn't need to submit her passport to vac.

    I was wondering if we can do the same thing when we got our work permit. we went to seattle and came back for the work permit like 5 years ago.
    Hope it makes sense now!
  4. If it's a point of entry letter of introduction, yes.

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