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Super Visa Timeline -- Islamabad, Pakistan

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ZU, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Please share your timelines if anyone has applied for a Super Visa from Islamabad.

    I applied for my mother on December 15, 2011 and haven't heard anything as yet.

  2. I sent my moms application on Jan 29. It is extremely sad that CHC islamabad is worst at application management than Pakistanis themselves. Maybe they should stop taking Tim Horton breaks and get to work.

    You are over the 8 week processing time period. Why havent you put in a case enquiry for your mom yet?

  3. I have sent on Jan 27.
    According to CIC Minister Jason Kenny the process time for the Super Visa: 2 months.

    We people have no idea what are they doing?
  4. I applied for my mother in law on 14th Feb. Please keep me updated on progress on your cases. Has anyone received medical instructions yet????

    If they have not issued medical instrcutions for the 15th December case, it seems CHC Islamabad has not issued any super visas yet.
  5. You are Right
  6. If you see CIC application processing time for TRV in Islamabad is 70 business days (14 Weeks). I think I might have to wait 1 more month to get a medical request.

    The next big problem would be getting a medical appointment. I have checked both the clinics in Karachi and minimum waiting time to get an appointment is 45 days.

    :( I am assuming the total processing time will be 6+ months

  7. Please keep us updated about your case. Thanks
  8. The time is 40 working days on CHC Islamabad website. Where are you getting 70 days from?
  9. You can try to get an appointment in islamabad or lahore and just fly for the medical.
  10. cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/temp/visitors.asp
  11. 45 days for medical appointment???????? I dont believe this. You better check again, because you are supposed to have the medicals done in 30 days of issuance of instructions.

  12. Anyone got visa ? I don't think they are issuing in 2 months...
  13. i applied for my moms visa on feb 10th and still waiting at CHC islamabad.
  14. I agree, 45 days for medicals is not possible. Something isnt right here.
  15. Anyone have any updates? Is CHC even doing anything?

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