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Super Visa - TB Diagnosed

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by hbs125, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Hello,

    I have applied for my parents' super visa, my father as a primary applicant. My mother got approval, but my father is asked to do Sputum Test, I believe due to TB symptoms.
    My questions are:

    1) I am planning to do Sputum Test in private lab before going to affiliated hospitals, If he is diagnosed with TB and need TB treatment which I believe takes around 6 months, does he have to apply for super visa again after 6 months or just have to go for medical again?

    2) If i withdraw his current application and apply for visitor visa, would it be OK? or will it affect anything due to their record with TB?
  2. Hi,

    The key point to ask the doctors + check his medical report to know whether or not he has active or inactive TB. He will be refused a visa if he has active TB. Even with inactive TB (and if he is issued a visa), he can be questioned at the port of entry and sent for medical surveillance.

    Your dad's medical tests for his current super visa indicate the possibility of TB. This will remain on his visa file even if you withdraw his application or if you file a new application later.

    To answer your question:
    If he is diagnosed with TB, he will be refused a super visa. He will need to go through the course of medication.... get new medicals tests done later to confirm that he does not have TB.

    IMO, you can expect IRCC to request for medicals even if your dad applies for a TRV as they already have his medical reports in their records

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  3. Hello,

    My dad's report came positive yesterday, although he has started TB treatment starting October. Visa panel doctor said that after starting treatment test will be performed 3 times, first after month, second after 3 months and 3rd after 6 months. We can apply visa after these 3 tests only. As this test result takes 2 months, I have to wait minimum 8 months to apply visa again. Do you suggest any little faster way.
    Also is it OK to go for only final test after 6 months and not of perform test after 1st and 3rd month?
  4. Maybe I am wrong here but is your fathers health not more important than how quickly or not he gets a visa so how long it takes for him to get healthy again is the priority? Also I would guess that any travel insurance will carry a premium due to the TB assuming IRCC give an all clear on any medical requirements to issue a visa.
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  5. Sorry, i may have not explained properly here.
    During two months of waiting of TB result, he already consulted other doctor and started TB treatment, which is going very well and he gained 5 kg weight in a month. Doctor have assured that he will be good in two months. Anyways we are going to finish 6 month treatment. My confusion is; do we have to do test 3 times or can we do it after 6 moths of treatment.
  6. I'm not in the medical profession, but this is what I understand. Treatment of TB has a clear/defined course as it takes at least 6 months for the medicines to kill all the TB bacteria in the body. Some of the new medicines can make the patient to feel healthy and gain weight soon. But there's always the risk of a relapse.

    Testing cannot be done ahead of time. You cannot speed this up. It would have been best if he had started the treatment at one of the panel physicians (not a private physician).

    Even after he clears the tests, his super visa could take longer to process and/or he could be asked to go for tests during his stay in Canada. You may also want to check if he will be covered by insurance because his TB treatment would be very recent when you buy insurance
  7. Thank you Bryanna for your prompt responses and guidance.
  8. The sputum culture is important at 1 and 3 months as well as 6 months to make sure the medication is working because there is so much drug resistant TB around.
  9. Hi hbs125
    Can u please tell me the results of dad’s case ? coz I’m going through the exact same situation. My moms TB test needs to be done to procced further. We are at initial stage so i can decide what to do next?

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