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Super Visa Revisit

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by konnichiwa12, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. My spouse's parent has super visa (i.e. PG-1 category visa) expiring on March 20, 2023 (same as passport expiry date). Came here to Canada and stayed with us for a year and 3 months from June 2015 to Sept 2016 and went back to the home country. Thinking of coming visit us again this summer. Can experienced friends advise the process? We know we will buy the medical insurance for a year before the visit. Other than that, can the parent just board on a plane and be here in Canada or does the super visa application process and obtaining a new visa has to be done each time as was done for the original application (the first time)? Thanks.
  2. If it's multiple, then it is good til the expiry date.
  3. Thanks, much appreciated. Yes it is multiple. I guess all super visas would be multiple entry?
    Do they stamp for 2 years or for just 6 months the second time, would you know that?
  4. If they ask how long would you like to stay then say 2 years IDK if they will follow you and will get 2yrs stamp or less.
  5. Hi , my parents visiting second time on supervisa, but officer didnt put any date to leave on passport, so are they aloowed for 6 months or 2 years ??

    pls help if someone experienced this situation
  6. 6 months is standard entry if there is no date written on the stamp.
  7. even on super visa??
    so what the difference between super visa and visitor visa
  8. 2 years is not guaranteed. A supervisa allows up to 2 years Entry. CBSA determines how long you get to stay at the point of entry. A TRV only allows 6 month entry.
  9. If there’s no date stamp then it’s 2 yrs for SV
  10. just an update here from my side: parent arrived in Canada for visit and got 6 months of visa stamped. the first time was for 2 years, this is second trip to Canada.
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  11. That's right. After the first entry on a super visa, subsequent visits will be for stays of up to 6 months
  12. My mother visited and stayed in Canada from Dec 1, 2017 to 30 April 2018, for 5 months, now again she coming to stay in Canada with us for next 5.5 months, Can she stay now for 5 months, because itś only 2.5 months gap in between.

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