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Super Visa Granted - Urgent Query

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by sigma009003, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Dear All,

    Super Visa has been granted (10 yrs) for my parents.

    I have an urgent query - Due to some reasons they will not be able to visit as per planned date, Probably they will come sometime next year (around a year late then the date communicated to IRCC on application form), Can this be an issue, please advise.

  2. Absolutely no issues
  3. Ok, Thanks Bryanna.
  4. Hello,

    hope you can give me some idea since you've submitted your application. Am trying to apply for SuperVisa for mom's behalf online. For the medical insurance receipt, should I attach that on the invitation letter or where did you upload it? Also in the application online, am done uploading everything (application form, supporting documents) just maybe some minor changes if ever but I still can't see where can I pay or submit the application. I don't know how to proceed. The only button I can see at the bottom is 'exit questionnaire'. how do you submit the application after uploading all docs online? and also how to pay the $100 fee? thank you.

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