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Super Visa for my parents stuck in Medical

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by gunjanms, May 9, 2013.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    First of all thanks for putting so many information on this forum. Can anyone please let me know normally how much time will take to process the Super Visa if it is stuck in the medical process?
    I have applied Super Visa for my parents in Jan 2013. They asked 7-8 times X-rays and then they told to get Sputum test for my MOM. Now after 8 weeks they provide the test results and from the results it looks Ok but now they are sending my MOM to a different doctor for second opinion. First of all my MOM doesn't have any TB problems but I don't know why they are doing too many tests. Now I wanted to know if any one gone with the similar process and after this how much time they take to grant the Super VISA? Also please do let me if any one rejected because of this test? If they reject the Super VISA then what happen? Can I apply immediately for the normal tourist Visa?
    I heard that now days they are rejecting the normal tourist Visa as well. But in my case (If they reject) then what is the other option?
    I am planning to call them ASAP but I am not sure what to do?
    Any suggestions / help will be highly appreciated.
  2. I am an insurance broker so please don't take this as gospel but this has been my experience with clients. If your application is not rejected in which case you would of received notice of the rejection than all is still good. As far as medicals they can and require additional testing whenever they feel it is required. I had a client who waited a year due to additional medical testing requirements. Be sure to amend your effective date of the emergency medical insurance otherwise you will need to provide proof of when they entered Canada, this is usually a boarding pass or a stamp on their passport otherwise the Insurance Company will bill you for insurance you never used. Be patient and comply with their request, if you have met all the other requirements there is nothing you can do except wait. You could follow up and provide medical information to expedite the process. All you can do is wait for them to get all the results from the test and hopefully they will be satisfied and issue the visa. One warning I will give you if there is any change of health between the application date of the insurance policy and the effective date which is the date of departure you must notify the Insurance Company otherwise the policy is null and void and you will be personally responsible for all medical expenses.
    If you need more information you can contact me directly.
  3. Thank you so much Gary for your response. Now I got the information from that my moms all tests are clear. So I believe my mom's medical is done and its fine. Now how much time normally they take to grant the visa. I am sure there is no problem in the paperwork or any documents. I don't know that after medical what they normally see to give the visa. Does anyone that they will take how many weeks after the medical tests completion.
  4. If they are satisfied with the medical tests and all the other requirements are in order they should approve the super visa without delay. I would contact them to try to expedite the process. If you need assistance you can contact me directly.
    I am in and out of the office so if I don't pick up leave a message I will return the call.
    Good luck
  5. Hi Gary,

    I am undergoing the same experience right now. My mom just informed me that she needs to undergo a sputum exam and it will take 2 months to see the result. She needed to go to the clinic for 3 consecutive days to do the test, the doctor who did all her medical assured her though that no matter what the result is, it won't affect the decision to issue her a visa. It's very frustrating and tiring and im started to loose hope :( need some advise Gary. I appreciate you reply. Thanks.
  6. This is frustrating and normal with any visa that requires a medical. I have had clients wait a year for a super visa, the only thing one can do is wait until all the medical requirements are met. Once the requirements for the additional testing have been completed and submitted I would follow up with the embassy. The chances are this is not an isolated case there are probably hundreds of applicants stuck.
  7. Re: Super Visa refused

    Hi Gary,

    My mom did a sputum test 2 months ago and finally got a negative result from IOM but the IOM did not pass the medical result on time as the doctor that needs to sign the said documents was affected by the typhoon Haiyan, unfortunately, her application was refused on Sat. November 16, for the reason of not complying for the medical requirements. We assumed that since she needs to undergo a medical examination, the IOM will inform directly the embassy on my mom's sputum that will take at least 2 months. Please help Gary. Thank you.
  8. This makes does not make any sense. If is normal for the embassy to ask for additional medicals and once the results are in if everything is ok they usually issue the visa. If the results were negative than I would contact the embassy. I have never seen someone getting rejected after completing all the medicals and everything being in good order. I have had clients with delays in some cases they contacted they MP who acted on their behalf to deal with screw ups. I would advise you to do just that take your file to your local M.P. and see if they can help you.
  9. hi can anyone help me? i applied super visa for my parents and declined because of travel history,but they don't have any travel history ,is this genuine reason for decline application ?wtat should we do now?
  10. I would assume that the reason for the decline is exactly what you indicated there is no travel history. I have never seen someone declined based on travel history. Why don't you try to get some legal help form the law firm hosting this site.

  11. So how long did it take from this point on for your parents to get the visa?
  12. It depends first you need to get all the documents in order. In your case I would get a letter from her doctor stating she is stable and is not traveling against the advise or her physician. In most cases it is best to have the doctor monitor her to make sure she is 100%. Once this is done you can reapply. Unfortunately Insurance Companies will require a six month stability in order to be eligible for coverage after a medical procedure. So it is not a matter if you want her to travel to see you in Canada but is she well enough to travel and will a long flight endanger her health. I change in altitude can be dangerous for certain medical condition and a long flight is difficult for the elderly. Your visa is not stuck in medical, you are simply dealing with her medical condition to make sure she can travel.

    Wait to make sure she is healthy and 100% stable before you reapply. You may get a visa approved but do you want to take a chance with your Mom's health and well being. When you reapply call me directly I will help you with insurance.


    Gary Goldshmidt
    (416) 410-4393
  13. Hi,

    We have apply for my in-laws super visa.
    My mother in law receive passport request and my father in-law receive to do sputum test. This process takes 2 months to get result. So i need to know

    1) What if the TB test will be positive??
    2) can we put his file as in visitor visa??
    3) If we put as for visitor visa, does his previous super visa application history affects it?

    Please do needful.. its very urgent for me to know.

  14. Hi
    We applied for the Super Visa for my MOM on Feb 15 2018, they did medical and she passed Medical and it’s been 2 weeks now but I don’t see any update on the application, what will u suggest to do as I really want to see her soon plz reply
  15. Just be patient. They are processing lots of applications so things take time.

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