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Suggestions on cities and suburbs to settle down

Discussion in 'Housing' started by karthikm, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    We (family of 4 with 2 kids 7 and 3) would be moving by end of this year to canada, am considering BC / Ontario, haven't finalized on any place though. I would like to open a thread to discuss on suitable areas that are not so expensive (like downtown / GTA / Vancouver etc.) Any areas that comes within good school district and within an hour's drive to Central Business District would help - if that is possible. If not please suggest all good residential areas within these states so anyone looking at moving to these states can benefit from the same.

    Rgds, Karthik
  2. You should really be focusing on securing a job first then deciding where to live. Any suburb or area with good schools and easy commutes will be somewhat expensive. Canada also has provinces not states.
  3. Thanks. I am getting an internal transfer from my company so job isn't an issue. My idea is to get to know of good communities in various states aka provinces. Rgds.
  4. No, provinces are also not known as states in Canada. They are provinces, and that is it. Just as in the USA, states are not also known as Provinces, they are states.
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  5. Where is your office? That would be the biggest factor on where you should live plus budget and availability. Rental vacancy in both Greater Vancouver and Toronto are very low and both are expensive. Commute times can be very long so you want to try to keep it under an hour each way if possible.
  6. Thanks. My office is right in downtown of Vancouver and also in Toronto. Hence the option of two provinces for me to consider. I wanted to know about cities or suburbs that are safe. The idea was to understand about safe neighbourhoods.
  7. Most of the areas in Canada are safe there are only a few areas that would be considered higher crime areas. Your issue becomes budget, desired/needed size and type of housing, availability and your willingness to commute. In both cities these are the major issues and both areas have pretty low vacancy rates unless your budget is very high.
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  8. For toronto: look for ‘Go train’ map. Find a place within 1 hr train travel distance to your work. 1 hr drive in toronto is literally staying with toronto for a work week day... you can trust GO trains to be on time and they drop you in downtown toronto..

    They also have an app.. i think.
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  9. Wouldn't say that you can trust GO to be on time but it is ok.

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